1. Great Review in The Columbus Dispatch

Gary Budzak of The Columbus Dispatch wrote an excellent review of Joe’s show at The Palace Theatre on November 20th. “Joe Bonamassa performed not one but two excellent concerts last night in the Palace Theatre” Budzak writes. “You had to be there, and if you weren’t, you missed out on some great blues-rock.” He calls the acoustic portion of the evening “some amazing music” and noted “Oh Beautiful!” “Double Trouble,” “Sloe Gin,” and “The Ballad of John Henry” as highlights of the electric set. He closes out the article by writing, “Bonamassa, who is in his prime at the age of 37, has the chops, voice, and original material to breathe new life into blues music.” Right on, Gary, we totally agree!

You can read the full review here.

2. Video of the Day: Different Shades of Blue

Since I blogged about the song “Different Shades of Blue” today, I thought it would be appropriate to make the official music video our video of the day today. I’m kind of nerdy (shocker!) about the creative side of album production, so I love videos that give you a glimpse into the studio and the musical process as it unfolds, even if it’s just kind of watching them “do their thing.” The black and white shots look especially crisp and beautiful to me – I’m also kind of nerdy about moviemaking. Enjoy the vid!