You Say You Love David Gilmour?

Of course you do. He’s an outstanding guitarist with one of rock’s most important bands, Pink Floyd. What’s not to love about the wielder of the famous Black Strat? But are there other reasons to love David Gilmour besides his mesmerizing guitar solos? Actually, yes. And we’ve compiled 7 of them, just for you. We think by the end of this list, your appreciation for David Gilmour will be even deeper and your love stronger:

1. David Gilmour Didn’t Like His Sound

As a young guitarist, David Gilmour wanted desperately to sound like his guitar heroes. These included Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. Gilmour always sounded like himself, however. He attributes that effect to his hands, which he says are what determine his distinctive sound. Over time, David Gilmour grew to like the David Gilmour guitar sound, however. He stopped trying to emulate his heroes and just became himself. We think this is a good lesson not just about guitar playing, but about being a person too. Embrace yourself, and good things can happen.

2. He Is Lazy…

About practicing guitar. Let’s face it: a lot of us are lazy about many things. Even those things that we are good at. I’m lazy about cooking, especially when there’s a microwave within a five mile radius. Now, nobody can say that David Gilmour isn’t passionate about his music. But practicing? That’s no fun. At least when it comes to things like doing scale repetitions. To the extent that he does practice, it is a much more intuitive, exploratory kind.  Gilmour is lucky. I would probably have to do a million repetitions of the pentatonic scale before I could make solos sound good. Gilmour just has oodles of natural talent. So he can probably dispense with the scales and such anyway.

3. When He Writes a Part He Can’t Play…

Gilmour hires a guitarist who can play the part for him. I think this is a very admirable quality in the man. In some ways, David Gilmour is one of the best guitarists around. At the same time, he knows his technical limitations and doesn’t allow ego to get in the way. I think this is another life lesson for all of us. Everyone, including guitarists, have strengths and weaknesses. So why not own up to them and do the best we can to play up our strengths, and ask for help when we encounter a weakness? Seems like good advice.

4. David Gilmour Plays the Blues

In an interview with Music Radar, Gilmour acknowledge his debt to the blues. This is music to our ears (literally). Even though Gilmour isn’t a blues musician per se, and most wouldn’t consider Pink Floyd a blues rock band, his electric guitar playing is deeply rooted in the blues. In fact, “All of my playing is rooted in the blues” he said. So is rock music in general, and it’s always good to hear rock musicians who are aware of their debt to this very special genre. Maybe someday we’ll get an album of David Gilmour blues covers. A man can dream, anyway…

5. David Gilmour Owns the First Real Stratocaster

It’s true. While there were technically Stratocaster prototypes that were created before Fender’s Strat 0001, Gilmour owns the guitar that boasts that serial number. As a lover of both guitar and rock history – in other words, because we’re geeks – we think this is so cool. At one point the guitar was owned by Seymour Duncan. We are happy that it is currently in the hands of such a renowned and passionate guitarist. David Gilmour’s home just seems like the right place for this unique instrument.

6. David Gilmour’s Goddaughter is a Famous Hollywood Star. 

And that star is Naomi Watts. Watts’ father, Peter, was a roadie for Pink Floyd during the 1970s, which is how this special bond was formed. The two-time Academy Award nominated actress is known for roles in movies including 21 Grams, Birdman, and King Kong among others (our personal favorite is the surreal Hollywood neo-noir Mulholand Drive). No information here on which is Watts’ favorite David Gilmour solo, but Naomi, if you’re reading this we’d love to know.

7. Gilmour Is a Really Good Guy…

Who donates to many different charities. He’s donated millions of dollars to fight homelessness, and has also contributed to such causes as mental health, cancer research, and the environment. We always love hearing about the causes that our favorite musicians are passionate about, and it’s cool to see that David Gilmour has so many charitable interests. Gilmour, it seems, is not only a great guitarist, but also a great guy.

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