Hannah Wicklund is another spitfire blues-rocker that needs to be on your radar. When you first glance at the petite 21-year-old shoe-less girl on the stage, you might get the impression that she will be a folk singer or may not be that impressive. Then, she starts playing.

As the singer and guitarist of a rock trio, you are left pretty exposed and have a huge weight of responsibilities on your shoulders. Hannah Wicklund’s raspy, perfectly suited rock voice and tantalizing guitar chops erase all that doubt you had before she started playing.

Her debut album Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones which was released earlier this year was a fabulous demonstration of kickass blues-rock and of a frontwoman who can hold her own and will no doubt be around for a while. The Tune “Bomb Through The Breeze” is a nonstop rockin’ tune that showcases Hannah’s stellar vocals and soloing chops.

Wicklund has been into music since she was about three years old, playing piano and learning “60 Beatles songs by the time she was 7.” Her dad bought her a guitar for her 8th birthday and she was instantly hooked. Unlike most young kids who could care less about learning an instrument, Hannah decided to start a band about 6 months after getting her guitar. She says that, “I feel like most of my guitar skills were developed from playing live with the band. That’s kind of the foundation of my playing.”

Now, with years of experience in various bands and writing songs, Hannah is becoming more and more confident in her role as band leader, singer, and lead guitarist. With role models like Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix, Hannah continues to show why she deserves a spot with the emerging young mavericks in the blues community.


Patrick Oritz