Music legends are average Joes, says Bonamassa

HE HAD a roaring start to his career, opening a show for blues legend B.B. King when he was just 12.

Now 34, American blues-rock guitar prodigy Joe Bonamassa can stake claim to sharing the stage with the likes of Robert Cray and Buddy Guy.

Bonamassa – who was named Billboard’s No. 1 Blues Artist last year, and released his 12th album, Dust Bowl, in March – will perform his first gig in Singapore on Sunday.

In a recent telephone interview, Bonamassa speaks to my paper about performing alongside legends.

What runs through your mind each time you perform with a guitar legend?

Once you get up on stage…there is no time for hero worship and you just play.

(And) when you can count your heroes as your friends, you find out that they’re just dudes – guys with guitars.

What is the hardest part of being a musician?

Songwriting is the hardest part for me.

When I do write songs, they tend to be decent ones, but I’m not Bob Dylan.

You picked up the guitar at age four. Was music what you always intended to pursue?

My father laid a guitar in my hands when I was a kid and I never let it go. It turned out to be something that was very influential and powerful in my life.