Stop me if you’ve heard this one before; so three Swedish guys start a blues band… Sorry, bad joke. Truly though, there really aren’t too many blues musicians from the Scandinavian country known for their meatballs, prosperous do-it-yourself furniture company, and even badass metal bands. But, one bands aims to change the blues-less scenario of Sweden by combining traditional elements with modern rock vibes. Say hallå to Black River Delta.

Two Eriks and a Pontus joined forces in 2014, calling the area of Bollnas, Sweden their home base. They all have a special affinity for old blues musicians like R.L. Burnside, B.B. King, and Robert Johnson and incorporate influences from them whenever applicable. Also, the band is keeping it hip and raw by drawing from popular modern blues acts like Reignwolf, The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire, and Gary Clark Jr.

This mix of influences has translated into a collide of blues and rock with lo-fi vocals, crunchy guitars, and raw attitude. There are two guitarists and a drummer with all members contributing to vocals. Usually, the lack of a bass player would make me want to yank all my hair out; but in this instance, with the ongoing booing drum beats and great interplay with the guitarists, the sound doesn’t sound flat.

Black River Delta is now up to their second studio album, conveniently titled Vol. II which was released in March of 2018. They are touring all over their home country and most of Europe with an America visit looming soon. With that being said, Keeping The Blues Alive has managed to persuade the Swedish blues-rockers to join us on the 5th annual blues cruise, setting sail in February of 2019. Some joining them on this adventure include Samantha Fish, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Walter Trout, and many others!

Hope you enjoy this week’s blues video! Thank you for your contributed support.


Patrick Ortiz