J.P. Soars is originally from Arkansas, but his music career has allowed him to travel the globe and perform multiple genres of music from rock and metal to jazz and blues. What that has translated to is his own blend of sounds on four studio albums and on stages from Canada and the United States to Europe and South America.

J.P. Soars eventually relocated to South Florida after exploring his musical options. He actually is a cherished commodity in my hometown of West Palm Beach and has played every bar and venue all around town. He takes his love of blues and injects elements into his abilities to play Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz, smooth R&B, twangy country, and island reggae. This eclectic background allows Soars to add whatever style he wants into his songs, allowing fans of every genre to enjoy his music, which is a very useful ability.

His audio mixture can be heard in full effect on his latest album Southbound I-95 released in May 2018. The album once again features his great group of musicians known as the Red Hots who step it up a notch on this release The album goes from funky soul on “Sure as Hell Ain’t Foolin’ Me” to swing revival on “The Grass Ain’t Always Greener” and old school blues on “When You

Walk Out That Door.” The album is a testament to living in sunny south Florida which… is interesting to keep in vague, you definitely have to experience it!

JP Soars is an accomplished guitarist and gritty vocalist who is enjoying a steady career and will hopefully see a real breakout soon.


Patrick Ortiz