The next generation will always come about, there is no stopping it. So, within your profession or day to day life, you can either help shepherd in the new generation and facilitate them or be stubborn and let them figure it out; the former is definitely the way to go. Within music there are those who are in it for themselves as they try to navigate and survive in the dog-eat-dog industry. However, there are also many musicians who want to pass on their knowledge and experience to help preserve their art form. Think about what B.B. King did for Joe Bonamassa, taking a 12-year-old boy under his wing and helping shape the future of his career. This is exactly what Buddy Guy did and is continuing to do for 19-year-old Quinn Sullivan.

Quinn Sullivan was born in 1999 and grew up in New Bedford Massachusetts. He started playing guitar at the age of three and practiced it non-stop. Rather quickly, Sullivan’s parents realized that this wasn’t going to be a random hobby; Quinn was abnormally adept with the guitar and was referred to as a child prodigy by the time he was 6 and appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
This of course sparked a lot of attention for Quinn and about two years later, Buddy Guy invited him to play a set with him in Quinn’s hometown. Since then, Quinn has been onstage with many notable blues masters like B.B. King and others at legendary venues like the Orpheum Theatre and the Beacon Theatre. Now, he continues to tour and record, releasing his third album Midnight Highway in 2017 which reached #3 on the Billboard Blues Charts.

Unfortunately, not all of the stunning 6-year-old guitar wizards make it in the grueling professional world. But continuing to practice and grow their creativity, you will get artists like Quinn, Joe, and many others!