You know, maybe its because I live here, but I tend to think that cool stuff doesn’t tend to happen in Florida or that not many notable musicians are from here. But, after going through all of these bands and musicians, I have found out that I am totally wrong. You don’t have to look further than Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, or Lynyrd Skynyrd to know that a lot of badasses emerged from the sunshine state. One artist who has been steadily climbing the blues ladder is Orlando native Selwyn Birchwood.

Birchwood began playing guitar by age 13 and quickly became enamored by the likes of Hendrix, Albert King, and many other blues greats. He could not get enough of the blues and by 18 he had attended his first Buddy Guy concert in his hometown and everything seemed to fall into place for him. A year later, he met a neighbor who happened to be an accomplished blues musician and band leader named Clarence Smith, who goes by the moniker Sonny Rhodes.

From then, Selwyn Birchwood has been unstoppable; in 2012 he won the International Blues Challenge and was by 2014, he was signed to the famous Alligator Records. In 2017, Selwyn released his fourth studio recording, Pick Your Poison which is in a similar style to many modern blues rock musicians but with a soul and funk flare. He is only thirty-three years old, but his soulful vocal styles and deep voice make his sound well beyond his age.

We can’t forget his sensational guitar skills, if you check out the title track, “Pick Your Poison,” you can hear the glowing influence Hendrix had on him. Selwyn Birchwood has not yet broken through completely, but he is a well-deserving and hard-working musician who needs more credit!

Patrick Ortiz 

Keeping The Blues Alive