Young prodigies are amazing and impress everyone who watches them. When someone who is only 8 years old or even younger and they can shred on guitar like they have been doing it for thirty years, it defies all logic in our brains; and that’s enticing! That is what happened when Joe Bonamassa was discovered in an upstate New York town playing blues licks. By 12 he was onstage with B.B. King and on his way to becoming a blues legend himself. Since then, several young bucks have looked to become another blues prodigy, including the “13-Year Old- Bluesman,” Toby Lee.

At only four years old, Australia native Toby Lee got a ukulele as a gift from his grandmother, which served as a catalyst for his future guitar obsession. He would listen to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Gary Moore for hours trying to pick up every lick and riff they had to offer. Sound Familiar?
His parents began recording him playing on YouTube and ever since, his following has grown exponentially, and Joe Bonamassa even named him “a future superstar of the blues.” Like Bonamassa, Lee got to play with B.B. King’s band in Tennessee in 2015 when he was ten years old. Since then his “world began to spin” as he was performing on several radio stations and playing historic venues with established musicians like Bernie Marsden and Walter Trout. In 2016, Lee was cast as the guitar virtuoso, Zack Mooneyham in the stage production of ‘School of Rock.’

Toby Lee is now performing all over the UK and US and showing what a 13-year-old can do on the guitar. The video above is a knock out performance of Lee’s cover of Bonamassa’s tune “Sloe Gin” paying tribute to one of his favorite musicians.


Patrick Ortiz