“I can’t begin to thank Mr. Kyps enough for taking a chance with me 10 years ago, as well as those original fans that got me started in the UK.” Remarks Joe, “I am thrilled to come back to perform and see everyone.”

Guitar legend Joe Bonamassa fulfils a promise that he made 10 years ago and performs a special UK concert, marking the 10 year anniversary of his first ever UK show. On November 1st 2015, Joe will play Mr. Kyps in Poole, the same venue where he played his first ever UK concert back in 2005. Joe played Mr. Kyps to a mere 100 or so crowd and is returning to the venue as a thank you to all the fans that have helped his career grow from playing small clubs to sold-out arena tours worldwide.

In 2005, venue owner Mark Kyprianou (Kyp) was approached to host Joe’s first ever UK concert, providing that he could finance the whole trip. Kyp took one listen to Joe and instantly knew there was something special about him. He agreed to host the concert and even pay the international travel expenses along with a fee for the band.

As Joe was an unknown, the concert, with tickets originally costing £10, was a slow seller. In a final push, Kyp decided to make the concert free, offering free entry and refunds to those few who had originally paid the £10 ticket. Only around 100 people attended the concert, but those who were there were stunned by Joe’s dynamic and virtuosic playing.

The first Kyps concert enabled Joe to book a short UK tour of similarly sized venues with word of Joe’s ability spreading rapidly. When Joe returned to Kyps a few months later for two more concerts, they both sold out within hours.

“The demand for the concerts that followed the original Kyps date was incredible; I could have sold a thousand tickets for the second and third gigs!” commented Kyp, “After that last concert, Joe made me a promise that he would come back.”

Kyp and Joe formed a lasting relationship over the years. Joe has always affectionately referred to Mr Kyps as “The Room”, and with a number of renovations “The Room” has vastly improved since that 2005 concert. Says Kyp, “I’m very excited to host this one of a kind concert. No major artist at the level Joe is would do this for his or her fans. Joe made me a promise he would return, and is a man of his word!”



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