Deep Purple To Call It Quits?


Fans of Deep Purple may only have a short window to go see them for the last time. Because it looks like the band may be hanging it up for good.


Deep Purple has recently announced their “Long Goodbye Tour” which will occur in the UK towards the end of 2017. It also happens to be the fiftieth anniversary of the band, so this is a meaningful time for the band to celebrate and then call it quits.


Part of the reason the band may be ending is due to health problems experienced by Ian Paice, which has made it more difficult for the band to tour. But the band is going to strike it out on the road one more time. And in addition to the tour, the band will be releasing their 20th studio album, Infinite.

The Origins of Deep Purple



Deep Purple has been one of the most important bands in the hard rock and heavy metal canon. Their high-decibel brand of aggressive rock has drawn on a variety of musical influences, but most noticeably blues and especially classical music, both serving to fuel Deep Purple’s high-octane brand of melodic, electric rock.

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Although the band originally began its journey as the backing band for Chris Curtis, the ex-drummer of the band The Searchers, it quickly became apparent that the members of Deep Purple had something special brewing. They soon parted ways with Curtis and Deep Purple grew into its own hard-hitting entity.

Ever since the band scored its first top 5 American hit with their song “Hush,” Deep Purple has ventured to explore the vast terrains of hard rock, progressive rock and metal in a way that has been deeply and richly rewarding to both fans and to the band itself.




The band’s original keyboardist Jon Lorde and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, were deeply influenced by classical composers like Bach and Vivaldi as much as they were by the lords of rock like Pete Townshend. They strove to incorporate the brilliant musicality of the classical giants into the contemporary world of hard rock.


Of course, they were careful to do so in a way that did not compromise their rock base or reach so far out into the avant-garde that Deep Purple were no longer a rock band at all. They’ve never been anything but a rock band, and a great one at that.
My suggestion would be to get out there on the road and see these legends one more time, before Deep Purple “Hushes” up forever.

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– Brian M. Reiser,

J&R Adventures

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