Recently, there have been some scares surrounding Eric Clapton and his health related to his perspective touring and recording career. We all know aging and corresponding health issues are unavoidable for everyone, but with our musical heroes, especially Eric “God” Clapton, we also expect they are immune to trivial human-like ailments. But, alas, that is unfortunately untrue.

In the recent months, there have been reports swirling around the ether that Clapton was experiencing worsening inner-ear problems and other health problems that put a question mark on his future endeavors. At 73 years old, Clapton is still in relatively good shape, considering his storied past with alcohol and drug use. But, the question that you are most likely screaming at your computer screen right now is will this affect his guitar playing?

Turns out, not entirely! After a solid 56-year professional and overwhelming professional music career, Clapton has made subtle, and often not so subtle, suggestions that he would look to retire from music all together. In 2013, the guitar hero was diagnosed with a nerve condition called peripheral neuropathy which sends painful shocks to various parts of the body which makes guitar playing next to impossible at times. For a while it seemed that he was ready to hang up his Strat for good, but recently it looks like plans have changed.

Instead of a grueling full-tour schedule, Clapton has decided to cut back slightly, opting for spot-performances at various venues around the world. Recently, the blues-rock legend stunned the concertgoers at the esteemed Madison Square Garden in NYC with two spectacular performances over the weekend. According to a Variety article covering the concert, Clapton tackled his catalog of classics like a man who has something to prove. While he may have lost some of the spark he showed in the late ’80s and early ’90s — and many fans were overheard wondering before the show whether he still had the goods — he wowed crowd with a stellar set in what could be, but hopefully isn’t, a farewell.”

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end in one form or another eventually. But, by the looks of it, Eric Clapton still has a few good licks left in him for us to marvel at.

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