Rock Candy Funk Party funk jazz band

Funky Town!

Jazz-dance-groove-wonderband Rock Candy Funk Party always bring the freshest funk on the block, and their last studio album Groove Is King is no exception.


Rock Candy Funk Party’s core is hard-rockin’ drummer and producer Tal Bergman, blazin’ blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, funky guitar slayer Ron DeJesus, and smooth slappin’ bass man Mike Merritt.

On Groove Is King, Rock Candy Funk Party sounds as fresh and full of funk as ever. And this time they’ve brought along some wonderful collaborative musicians, including trumpet guru Randy Brecker, Soulful sax players James Campagnola and Ada Rovatti, wild and spacey keyboardists Renato Neto and Fred Kron, intricate percussionist Daniel Sadownick, and the rockin’ Zia on vocals.

Rock Candy Funk Party Live at the Iridium

With Rock Candy Funk Party, having fun is always the name of the music game, and there’s plenty of fun on this album to go around. It’s an eclectic, energetic roller-coaster ride that mashes up funk, rock, jazz, electronica, R&B, and straight up dance music.

Whereas Rock Candy’s debut album We Want Groove was a slightly more traditional jazz-funk entry in the vein of classic groove-era Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, Groove Is King is a veritable world-traveler when it comes to funk genre and style. There is no jungle, mountainside, or hidden island they aren’t willing to explore in search of the next great groove. The one thing that ties the whole album together, without exception, is deep, heavy, infectious, endless groove. With three “o’s” for extra grooove.

But what the funk is funk anyway? How do you pin it down? Perhaps the members of Rock Candy Funk Party explain it best themselves in the wonderful behind the scenes making-of video that is included as Groove Is King’s bonus material.

Funk keeps your head-bopping in a hypnotic trance. It hits your right in your soul. It’s in your body’s natural response to the groove. And it’s got to be Nasty!

Groove Is King
spaces out the lengthy instrumental jams and focuses a bit more on developing its taut, driving, danceable, get that party started groove. But it isn’t just a party album – not that there’d be anything wrong with that. Each of the musicians on this record is a master of his or her craft, and this funk party’s build for deep-space headphone vibin’ as much as it is for getting down on the dance floor.

In terms of influence, Groove Is King is as diverse as a Warren Buffet stock portfolio. For starters, there’s the hardcore jazz-funk vibe directly inspired from the Davis-Hancock tradition. But there’s the horn-soaked jazz sound of The Brecker Brothers, the filthy funky rock of Prince, the sultry soul of Sade, the downtempo mind-bending beats of Massive Attack, the muscular guitar bulldozer of Led Zeppelin, the auto-tuned breakin’ beats of Daft Punk, and even that uptown style funk of the wildly popular Bruno Mars and his buddy Mark Ronson.


So get your grooove on with Rock Candy Funk Party. Because this party’s just getting started.

– J&R Adventures

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