Jim Morrison was the perfect representation of a rock star and behaved accordingly as well. He was and still is well-known for a variety of reasons. First of all, and most importantly, he was an incredible vocalist and musician known for his time fronting the psychedelic rock band The Doors. In his short life, Morrison contributed a few hit albums and many iconic tunes still popular today. Besides being a great lyricist and musician, Morrison is also unfortunately known as a member of the infamous 27 club, having died due to heart failure in France.


Throughout his life, Jim Morrison always found his way into trouble and into outrageous antics. This mug shot is evidence of his antics catching up with him. In 1969, while at a concert in Miami, Florida, Morrison allegedly exposed himself to the audience. While the crowd of roughly twelve thousand adoring fans were enjoying the show, Morrison decided to add to the excitement by dropping his pants and exposing himself.

A year after the incident, on September 20, 1970, Morrison was apprehended and arrested with charges of indecent exposure. His fellow bandmates repeatedly denied this claim and supported their lead singer throughout the backlash. Fast forward to forty years after and Florida governor Charlie Crist decided to take a vote and elected to pardon Morrison on any charges.
We still love Jim Morrison for all of his contributions to music, crazy antics and all.

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