ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, Oct. 10th opening skit starred the Ghost of Frank Sinatra appearing to tell the POTUS to screw off, in a lyrically gut-wrenching hilarious way. Singing a jazz tune along with the ghost of Louis Armstrong on horns, Sinatra’s ghosts refers to Donald Trump as a “Dobbie doobie douchebag”.


Would the blue-eyed crooner ever really say such a thing to someone like The Donald? According to a book written by Frank Sinatra’s former manager, Eliot Weisman, it DID happen. No, not Sinatra’s ghost rising from the dead, but Sinatra did tell Donald Trump to “Go F**k Himself.”



In ‘The Way It Was: My Life with Frank Sinatra’ Weisman recounts how in 1990 he was negotiating a 12 show deal for Sinatra to perform during the grand opening of Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.  A deal was being made with the casino’s operated who died in a freak helicopter crash right before the contract could be finalized.


Trump took over the new negotiations and told Weisman the cost seemed “a little rich” and said he did not want the other acts that were set to play in the original deal. The deal included Sinatra’s close friend and fellow rat-pack comrade Sammy Davis JR., who had just been recently diagnosed with cancer. After Sinatra heard he was being low balled, the hot-headed Italian singer told his manager to either tell Trump to “go f*** himself” or give his personal phone number so he could tell him himself. Weisman returned to the business mogul’s office and told Trump “Sinatra says ‘go f*** yourself’ and went on to book him at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas instead.



An even more shocking untold story of Frank Sinatra’s life is how seriously Sinatra and his team took the job of security, from carrying an Uzi on his private jet to keeping a pistol hidden in his custom boots while on stage. Read more in the book everyone’s talking about ‘The Way It Was: My Life with Frank Sinatra’ available October 24th.


A candid and revealing look at Frank Sinatra told by his long-time manager and friend. After almost 20 years since Sinatra’s passing, fans of Sinatra in all his stages—from the crooner to Duets—will love to read these never-before-told tales.




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