Seeking new live music to listen to? If you are anything like me, you always are! So this week I picked out five delightful little music videos to get your musical blood pumping. This week’s tasty assortment includes everything from jam heavy psychedelic rock to dreamy blues rock to electronic dance funk. Hope you love these videos as much as I do:

1. Further featuring Trey Anastasio – “Scarlet Begonias” & “Fire on the Mountain”

LOCKN’ Festival in Arrington, VA on September 7, 2013

Jerry Garcia has been gone for awhile, but the members of Further decided that the spirit of the Grateful Dead had to carry on further. So former Grateful Dead stalwarts Bob Weir and Phil Lesh carried on indeed. This cool performance of the Grateful Dead classic songs “Scarlet Begonias” and “Fire on the Mountain” features a very special guest Mr. Try Anastasio, lead guitarist and vocalist of contemporary jam band juggernauts Phish. Phish has, more than any other contemporary band, been the ones to carry on the jam heavy legacy of the Grateful Dead so it’s always a thrill to watch members of the old and the new guard meet up and throw out some heavy licks. The segue between the two songs is seamless. There’s also some charming fretwork from Further lead guitarist John Kadlecik, also the guitarist for the Grateful Dead tribute band Dark Star Orchestra.

2. String Cheese Incident – “Windy Mountain”

Red Rocks – July 17, 2016

The String Cheese Incident, hailing from the great state of Colorado, have a knack for blending a multitude of genres into their creamy jams and rich catalog of songs. Incorporating elements of everything from electronica to jazz to bluegrass and beyond, there’s literally no genre of western popular music that is safe from the clutches of guitarist Bill Nershi and company. Here’s a killer performance of their song “Windy Mountain” from the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which also resides in Colorado. It’s a sweet mellow jam that takes its time and builds subtle grooves throughout until it climaxes with a steady build at the end. Slow and steady gets the gold in this case.

3. Umphrey’s McGee – “Fussy Dutchman”

April 8, 2016

Why so fussy, Dutchman? This one’s smokin’. The South Bend, Indiana progressive jam rockers are a hard hitting unit with their twin guitar and drums + percussion attack, rounded out by bass and keys. There are considerable pyrotechnics in the playing here. See if you can tease out some of the band’s many influences here: the band in the past has given credit for their eclectic sound to everyone from Frank Zappa to Iron Maiden and The Police. So yeah – all over the map. Love the Allman Brothers style harmonies they have going in their guitar runs here as well. I dig.

4. Anders Osborne – “Dyin’ Days” & “Down by the River”

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival – September 19, 2015

This arpeggio guitar riff floats like a dream above the clouds on this excellent performance from Anders Osborne and his band. There is gorgeous interplay here between those gentle clean tones and then the sharp, biting edge of Osborne’s distortion. The easygoing “Dyin’ Days” suddenly explodes into the thick black smoke of Neil Young’s “Down by the River” as Anders burns his fingers into the frets aggressively. Osborne, a Swedish blues and classic rocker inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Robert Johnson and, of course, Neil Young, performed this terrific piece at the Telluride Blues & Blues festival on September 19th, 2015. Though “Down by the River” is only a partial song here, the jagged blend with “Dyin’ Days” of this classic murder rocker creates a mighty potent effect.

5. Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) – “Dance”

Red Rocks – September 12, 2015

And now for something a little different! Sound Tribe Sector 9, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is a band that focuses on groove, funk, and rhythm more than individual solos. This instrumental group takes a mash up of rock, funk, jazz, electronic, psychedelic and even hip hop music and turn it into a beautiful soul shaking blend. Punctuated with killer tempo changes. The fat bass lines and hypnotic guitar grooves reverb throughout the misty night during this show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre – how many amazing shows does Red Rocks get, anyway?? But to me it’s the wild tempo changes that really make this cut soar into the starry night. And a fun way to wrap up this week’s blog post. Are you dancing yet? You will be.

– Brian M. Reiser,
J&R Adventures