Recording his 11th album on the Coast of Greece

08.25.2010 – The people of Santorini, Greece know about Joe Bonamassa and his love for their island. Kostas who owns Black Rock studio extended the invite to have Joe record there again. Joe was so inspired by this location that he named his current album Black Rock and was so moved by the sunsets there that he wrote “When The Fire Hits The Sea.”

A year has passed since the first tracking session and completion of Joe’s album Black Rock. After many shows around the world this year and tracking a full album in Malibu with his new band Black Country Communion, Joe has come back to Santorini.Attracted by the white bleached buildings with the lush green touches over looking a beautiful ocean, and known for the great 1982 movie “Summer Lovers” starring Daryl Hannah, Santorini is an island of great history and culture. These two key elements make it suitable for the creative mind to flow and in Joe’s case rock out!

Joe has began recording his 11th album and even after 21 years performing Joe still feels like he is living a dream. “It was just yesterday that I was doing my homework and then opening for BB King.” He is accompanied in the studio by his dear friend and producer Kevin Shirley, bassist Carmine Rojas, keyboardist Rick Melick, legendary drummer Anton Fig and some special guests. Joe has pulled all the stops for this new album with louder,stronger and faster guitar licks. There will be more news coming from the Bonamassa camp about this new record to be released 2011. Be sure to hear Joe on the new Black Country Communion album available at and get the Free Download.