Blues Matters decided to get Joe Bonamassa’s take on Black Country Communion. In the middle of a busy recording session, Joe found time to answer our questions and in doing so not only gave his thoughts on Black Country Communion but also revealed a more confident and relaxed persona than has been seen before.


BM: Black Country Communion is being described as a new “supergroup” but how do you feel about this description?

Joe: It’s a band with four of my friends and guys I respect. Supergroups scare me!

What do you think you are bringing to the band and it’s sound?

I bring two Gibson Les Paul guitars and two Marshall amp’s.

Is Black Country Communion a one off project or is it something you will all be working on along with your individual work, and does maintaining solo work cause you any problems for the continuing joint project Black Country Communion?

I’d gladly record ten records with those guys!

Black Country Communion’s sound is so diverse and different too much of the music today, do you think it will herald a resurgence of Blues Rock into the mainstream?

I think as in my solo career the fans will hail it as it they may. It was made with good intentions by good musicians. I like it. Hopefully my fans and everybody else will, too.

 Black country communion has a distinctive sound, how do you think your fan base will react to the musical direction you have taken?

My fan base is mainly comprised of music fans. I’m confident that 99% of them will like it. My dad loves it. Mom has yet to comment if she puts it on while she vacuums the house on Saturdays. If she does, we have a winner.

Is there anything else you would like to say to Blues Matters about your involvement in this project or the band’s new CD, “Black Country”?

Yes, first thank you for all the support you have given me over the years. It certainly means a lot to me and my family of musicians and crew on the road nine months a year. Secondly, why is “Blues” Matters writing about a rock record?! Love you guys and gals. You all ROCK! The Blues!!!? CB