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When you grow up as an aspiring musician and you listen to your idols. You listen to their tone, feeling and expression. Joe Bonamassa has had the chance to go from listening to “Rough and Ready” to opening for Jeff Beck. This past week in Munich and Bonn Germany Joe opened for Jeff Beck.

Both virtuoso guitarists were at the Tollwood Festival in Munich, Germany on July 15th. Joe took to the smokey stage breaking into “The Ballad Of John Henry” as the crowd was greeted by a wall of sound with Joe’s wailing guitar riffs. As the Munich audience sat on the edge of their seat to listen to the speed demon himself rip down the neck of the guitar. Cheers, Screams, and applause took over the Gehrlicher Musik Arena. Jeff Beck in rock royalty fashion kept Joe’s wave with his rocking tune “Hammerhead.” With Hendrix flavors and a one hundred percent Beck sound, he kept the crowd wanting more. Fans enjoyed the soulful guitar solos and driving bass from Rhonda Smith.

As Joe spoke with Jeff backstage, a smile appeared ear to ear as he spoke to his idol. JB and JB both have a fondness for each other. This fondness was apparent as Joe opened for Jeff again in Bonn, Germany on July 19th. Reminiscent of a few days earlier Joe rocked the Bonn crowd with his latest single Blue and Evil.

This July was a great month for Joe as he was able to live childhood dreams. Early July Joe opened for ZZ Top, was in touch with his Black Country Communion band mate Glenn Hughes while he was on a press tour and ended last week opening for Jeff Beck.