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Brad Whitford, Anton Fig, Moi, Jimmy Barnes, Michael Rhodes, Arlan Scheirbaum, Joe Bonamassa


2/8/2012- Just arrived in Las Vegas for the final week of session for my 13th album.. I am really excited to be recording again at the studio were it all started with Kevin Shirley and I almost seven years ago…. We have done 11 projects in 7 years… Man we have been busy…!!

2/10/2012- Awesome day in the Studio in Vegas… Thanks to Jimmy Barnes, Brad Whitford, Michael Rhodes, Arlan Oscar and the Fig!! for playing so great… Thanks to Kevin Shirley for putting together quite the Dais!!

Joe Bonamassa recording new album due out Spring of 2012

2/15/2012- Just in the front door from Vegas.. Awesome session… The record is done ( recording only) and we title and all… Had a blast… One week from today I will be in Lisbon Portugal and the 2012 tour begins.





Brad Whitford of Aerosmith

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