Joe Bonamassa Rocks California!

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I saw Joe in small Fresno, CA. Thursday.  April 19, 2012.

Joe Bonamassa rolled into the Sayoran Theater in Fresno last night with a tight kick ass 4 piece band and played before a sold out crowd of 2,000. Band was keyboards..hammond B3 with leslie…bass..killer power drummer and Joe who had 3 big Marshall stacks powering his variety of axes that kept his guitar tech busy all night changing out guitars. He was light on the blues with only a couple of tracks and lots of heavy rock. Many of his songs broke down into slow tight jams that let Joe show his taste and killer hot licks. He played tracks from Dust Bowl, Black Country and Slo Gin and a smokin cover of ZZ tops Just Got Paid. Mercy. He did a killer acoustic himself on stage…track lasted 10 minutes would have made Lindsay Buckingham’s jaw drop..Just killer stuff. Bonamassa is a guitar virtuoso, can play fricking anything and this power group he brought in literally blew the roof off the Theater in Fresno. He left with the crowd standing and wanting more. If you like heavy power music and tasty chops and licks Joe B will not disappoint. He IS the hottest thing going in the guitar world right now.

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I discovered Joe on the Bob and Tom show about a year and a half ago! I’m sixty one and have heard the best guitar players of my generation( Clapton, Hendrix , Vaughn etc.). When I heard Joe play I was taken back to a time when I was young and reminded me that every generation has their own great talents! I’m extremely grateful that he came to Fresno. My wife was moved to tears at times and I was just thrilled watching a true genius share his craft! I enjoyed his singing also! I guess to some degree Joe is like our Mozart!
Favorite moment: I loved every moment! Extremely enjoyed his acoustic performance!!