Introducing Joe Bonamassa’s Guitar Of The Week. Joe would like to share his guitar collection with you. Each week Joe will be picking a guitar out of his collection to showcase here for the Guitar of the week.

Guitar Of The Week #10: 1965 TRINI LOPEZ

1965 Trini Lopez big body.  A very strange guitar.   Its essentially a Barney Kessel body with a non-reverse firebird neck.   It was the more jazzy version of Trini ( yes the” Lemon Tree” guy) Lopez.  Cool guitar that I used at the Rock Candy Funk Party gig.  Loud and proud with a hint of feedback and a bit unruly along the way.

Guitar Of The Week #9: 1960 Les Paul Jr.

This is a 1960 Les Paul Jr. Probably the best sounding Les Paul I own according to some of my guitar buddies. I bought this guitar from my friend Dave Hinson last summer while on the BCC tour. Dave has wisely set up shop in the front of the Pageant in St Louis. The lure of fine guitars was too much to bear so I had a gander. One hour later it was mine and I was broke.  I recall playing it on “The Great Divide” and “Sister Jane” weather providing. All in all, pound for pound one of the nicest Lesters around.

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Guitar Of The Week #8: 1954 Fender Telecaster

This is a 1954 Fender Telecaster. Made in April of 54. This is the last of the legendary blackguard series.  These guitars are special and sound like no other Telecasters made since.  This one came with a lovely original poodle case which made the Canadian border patrol / guitar geek freak out.  Of course he got to play it and I avoided a full cavity search!

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Guitar Of The Week #7: Gibson Skylark

This is a Gibson Skylark another one and only.  This is a guitar that Chris Swope built while he was at Gibson Custom. It was sent to me in early 2007.  I used and continue to use it. Most audibly on “One of these Days” from the album “Live from Nowhere in Particular”

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Guitar Of The Week #6: 1959 Gibson ES-345

1959 Gibson ES-345 I bought this guitar in 1997 for three thousand dollars from the original owner. It has only been used once in the studio and rarely live. Two PAF’s sound great. You can hear this guitar very clearly on my version of “So Many Roads” off the You and Me record.

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Guitar Of The Week #5: 1931 National Trilolian

This is a 1931 National Trilolian. The sound of the delta blues. I bought this in Indianapolis in 2001. I was priced lower than the reissues on the rack. Oh well, great buy!

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Guitar Of The Week #4: 1971 Fender Jaguar

This is a 1971 Fender Jaguar in candy apple red finish with a matching headstock. A cool surf guitar. I recommend ample amounts of reverb from your twin with this guitar. Surfs up ladies and gents.

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Guitar Of The Week #3: 1957 Rickenbacker Combo 400

This is a 1957 Rickenbacker Combo 400. One of the rarest and perhaps most unusual in my collection. This 3/4 guitar sports the horseshoe pickup. Most commonly found on lap steels. 1950’s Rickenbackers epitomize what quality and innovation that make vintage guitars so desirable.

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Guitar Of The Week #2: Gibson Bona-Byrd

This is a Gibson Bona-Byrd. The one and possibly only. Built by the Gibson Custom shop at my request. It’s a wonderful hybrid between a Les Paul and a Firebird 1. You will be able to see this guitar in my new DVD Live at the Beacon.

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Guitar Of The Week #1: 1954 Gretsch Country Club

This is a 1954 Gretsch Country Club in rare factory blonde. Even though Cadillac green is more desirable these still seem cooler. I used this 1954 Gretsch Country Club on Sloe Gin album and The Ballad of John Henry.

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