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The signature Joe Bonamassa Clear Sonic JB-4 baffle is a must for any musician. For use on stage,rehearsal,studio,practicing,guitar amps,bass amps,keyboard amps,bass drums and much more. The baffle will block harsh sound waves while allowing you to get maximum performance from your amplifier. This unique blend of secret “herbs and spices” optimizes the sound, allowing great tone to be picked up by the amp mic.

As you learn your instrument and practice, your sound with start to develop through your fingers. The skill of touch is one of the most important skills to master. A musician must let their soul come out through there finger tips. As you watch Joe perform you will see his fingers moving very fast but each touch of the string is consistent. Take time today to practice your touch on the guitar going through the scales so that each note has the same attack and feel.

Blues rock titan Joe Bonamassa has performed over 2000 shows world wide. Blasting his fans with soulful as well as powerful blues rock ripping from his amplifier. As every musician knows, your gear is of top importance to you. Joe noticed that his front row were being overwhelmed by the sound of his powerful amplifiers during his performances. Joe got his first small Clear Conic baffle and fell in love with it. After using it for many months Joe had a custom made baffle to fit his specific rig. These 4 – 1/4″ Acrylic Panels stand in front of Joe’s rig allowing him to play his amp at full volume while protecting his ears. Click Here To Listen To Joe Talk About His Baffle