If there’s one thing you probably already know about Joe Bonamassa, it’s that he likes guitars. Like, really likes them. He’s probably one of the most impressive collectors of guitars and gear in the entire world, or at least that I know of. In a recent article from Guitar Player magazine, Joe discusses some of the important tips and tricks you need to know as a guitar collector. No matter how serious a guitar collector you are, heck, even if you just think guitars are cool but don’t own any yourself, you’re going to want to read this article. For starters, Joe relays a funny story about what it’s like for him to walk into a guitar store. Then there’s discussion of some of the items in his personal collection. Then he reveals the one thing that you absolutely, positively must know if you even have thoughts about starting a guitar collection. Here’s a snippet from the article:

While Bonamassa’s astounding amassment of near-priceless guitar gear certainly qualifies as a collection, a better word for it might be “stable,” because, metaphorically speaking, Bonamassa rides these horses. “I play what I own,” he says. “There are no glass cases in my house, and I’m not a huge believer in hanging guitars by their necks. I wouldn’t want to be hung by the scruff my neck on permanent display, and I think a guitar feels the same way—especially if it’s glued together, like an eight-pound Les Paul.”

There’s some really great images of some of Joe’s coolest, rarest, and most valued guitars as well, including his two 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standards, his 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, his 1969 Grammer Johnny Cash, his 1932 Martin 0-17, and more! You can check out the article by clicking the link at the top or this one here:

Enjoy the read!

– Brian R.
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