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If there’s one thing that might be more exciting than hitting up a Joe Bonamassa concert, it’s hitting up a Joe Bonamassa concert that features special guests! And how do you know if you’re going to be in for that kind of special treat at your show? Well, if you see an extra amp on stage, that’s a pretty good sign. This latest edition of The Pickup Radio show starring blues-rock titan Joe Bonamassa and Matt Abramovitz focuses on some of Joe Bonamassa’s favorite guests, the background behind the guest spots, and what they have meant to him. Joe didn’t have time in the span of the 23 minute radio program to go into all of the guests that have appeared with him of course, but he went through some of the ones that are most special to him, including Warren Haynes, Brian Setzer, Paul Rodgers, John Hiatt, and what Joe calls the “high-water mark” – Mr. Eric Clapton.

This is a thrilling and eclectic mix of musicians that Joe has teamed up with at his shows. Personally, I’m a longtime Warren Haynes fan and love hearing him play guitar with any act, whether it be his long-term stint with The Allman Brothers Band, blues-rock jam-band Gov’t Mule, or on his own as a solo artist. Warren, to me, is one of the most exciting guests that Joe could possibly have, so it’s a thrill to hear him on “If Heartaches Were Nickels” from the Beacon Theatre: Live from New York show. Several of the other guests Joe references also appeared at that particular and amazing show. The first being guitarist singer-songwriter John Hiatt, another brilliant musician who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and truly enjoying live. Paul Rodgers is the third guest from the Beacon Theatre show, and it’s cool to see Joe with a guest who’s primary instrument is his unbelievable voice.

Well, enough from me. Give this awesome show a listen yourself and find out the more about these amazing road guests – and what happens if you try to outplay Joe!

– Brian R.
J&R Adventures

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