Have you been to that funky place called Uberstation? “Uberstation,” of course, is the new single from Rock Candy Funk Party’s incredibly groovy new album, “Groove is King.” And if you click on the previous link, you can watch an amazing live performance of the song from the famous Baked Potato jazz club in Studio City, California. Bonamassa really shines on this one, as his funkylicious soloing is front and center and in the spotlight.

Have you had a chance to listen to the album Groove is King yet? It’s pretty much a masterpiece of funk and groove; a totally worthy follow-up to their incredible first record, “We Want Groove.” But whereas the first album honed in on late era Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock inspired jazz-funk, the new record is less steeped in the jazz-funk tradition and treads the trails of a variety of different groove based music.

If you’re not too familiar with the band, it consists of a group of world-class musicians who came together for the sheer joy of making music and in the spirit of fun. The band boasts producer and drummer Tal Bergman, guitarists Joe Bonamassa and Ron DeJesus, and bass player Mike Merritt. There are also a handful of excellent supporting musicians playing on the album, including Grammy winner Randy Brecker on trumpet, James Capagnola on saxophone, Ada Rovatti on saxophone, Renato Neto on keys, Daniel Sadownick on percussion, Fred Kron on keys, and Zia on vocals. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons also lends his vocals to the mix as the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Funkadamus.

The music on the album is culled from a diversity of influences. Some of those cited by the band include Daft Punk, the Brecker Brothers, Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars, Massive Attack, Sade, Prince, and Led Zeppelin. And as Peter Gabriel is covered on the incredible track, “Digging in the Dirt” (one of my favorites!) and there’s even a sample from the band The Prodigy on “The Fabulous Tales of Two Band,” it’s really unbelievable the array of music that is covered on this record. But all in the name of heavy groove and deep funk. Give it a listen now!

– Brian R.
J&R Adventures

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