Blues Magazine Editor Ed Mitchell pores over the guitarist’s back catalogue to unearth some electrifying gems.

You either get Joe Bonamassa or you don’t. To his disciples, he simply outplays and outclasses anyone else on the contemporary blues rock scene, a DNA splice of top-of-their-game Clapton, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and Paul Kossoff who still manages to sound like his own creation.

To his detractors, he’s an overexposed hack who really isn’t a blues man at all. Well, BB King reckoned Joe Bo was blues, and he gets the last word. Here are ten of his greatest guitar moments to convert the misguided.

Blues Deluxe (Blues Deluxe – 2003)

There’s a stripped down Chicago blues club vibe to this one. Shredding his lungs on one of his best early vocals, Bonamassa references Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King in his guitar solo, while adding flavour with variations in reverb, delay and shuddering overdrive…

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