Have you had a chance to listen to the latest episode of The Pickup Radio with Joe Bonamassa and Matt Abramovitz yet? You can find it by clicking right here: http://thepickupradio.com/only-the-good-die-young/! This episode of The Pickup Radio is special because Joe and Matt had asked the fans to suggest show topics. A lot of people came back with the same answer: they wanted to hear an episode relating to musicians who passed away way too young. So, Joe and Matt bring you “Only the Good Die Young” in which they speak about musicians who have developed a signature sound in their 20s but were dead before they made it to their 30’s.

As Joe says, “sometimes our favorite artists are like comets. They burn bright but they burn out.” Perhaps there is no artist that this is more true for than Jimi Hendrix, a guitar genius who certainly burned bright. It’s amazing to think that Jimi Hendrix’s entire output essentially happened over a three year period. But fame, money, women, drugs, and all that accompanies the rock and roll lifestyle made it impossible for him to sustain. Tommy Bolin was a rock guitar player with a deep blues background, who was part of the band Deep Purple, but Joe was especially into his fusion jazz fusion playing on the Billy Cobham Spectrum album. More musicians mentioned during the episode include Paul Kossoff of Free, Duane Allman of The Allman Brothers, and Sean Costello.

On this episode, Joe and Matt play some fantastic music. “Spanish Castle Magic” is a taut, muscular song by Hendrix and one of my favorites, and it appears that Joe likes it too! Joe mentions that during Axis: Bold as Love Jimi is heavily influenced lyrically by Bob Dylan, which you can especially hear in the tune “Castles Made of Sand.” Other tunes that appear during the episode are “Stratus,” “Fire and Water,” “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’,” and “Double Trouble.” Check it all out now!

– Brian R.
J&R Adventures

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