What do you get when you put two of a generation’s greatest guitarists on one stage together? You get some of the craziest, most mind-blowing, face-melting, you-are-never-going-to-forget-this guitar playing you’ve ever heard. That’s exactly what happened when Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes shared the stage at Guitar Center’s 2011 King of the Blues Grand Finals. And you can watch it right here:


Now, if you’ve found your way here to the Joe Bonamassa blog before you probably know who Blues-Titan Joe Bonamassa is – one of the greatest guitar players you will ever hear and on top of that a great singer and songwriter to boot. But maybe you aren’t as familiar with Mr. Warren Haynes, another of this generation’s leading guitar slingers that has truly made some waves with his incredible axe-playing. Warren Haynes has been one of the guitar leaders of the jam band circuit with his cool, bluesy band Gov’t Mule, a band which started as a power trio but has since expanded. But perhaps he’s even more well known for his long-standing tenure with The Allman Brothers Band. Warren Haynes rocked it with the boys from the south since 1989 when they reunited, and he remained with the band for the entire tenure of that reunion. In addition to The Allman Brothers Band, Warren Haynes enjoyed several stints with another of the world’s greatest touring bands, the post-Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead outfit The Dead.

Both guitarists, Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes, are keeping themselves quite busy these days. Warren Haynes is releasing his latest album, Ashes and Dust, very soon. Joe Bonamassa is currently on tour, playing a tribute to the some blues kings and mixing in some pieces from his own amazing repertoire. After this summer’s amphitheatre tour, which you can find tickets for here:


Joe will be heading back on the road to play some shows in Europe, and then back to the U.S. for more shows this fall. Yes, the man truly lives up to his motto, “Always on the Road!”

– Brian R.
J&R Adventures

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