Joe Bonamassa Guitar Pedals


The guitar pedal that helped a young Joe Bonamassa achieve the sounds that he was chasing at a price he could afford, this big brother of the Phase 90 offers an even broader range of sounds. Along with the speed control there is a 4-position rotary switch that selects between four different intensities, defined as preset waveform patterns. Great for guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and more! Don’t miss out on the first MXR pedal that Joe Bonamassa owned!


The second MXR pedal ever owned by upstate New Yorker young Joe Bonamassa, this pedal helped Joe recreate the astonishing sounds being made by one of his greatest heroes, Robin Trower. Set the Rate and Width controls to your liking and then dial in as much effect as you want with the Intensity knob. You can then shape the tone even further by EQ-ing the modulated frequencies with the Bass and Treble controls. Run in mono or use the stereo outputs for a huge, vibrant sound. Preserve the low end of your tone with its Bass Filter button that applies the effect to the high frequencies only.

MXR Phaser Dunlop Pedal