Hey Everyone,

It’s Brett and I have been on the road with Joe and saw a packed house in Worcester. After one plane, one bus, one train, and one car I finally got to Hanover Theatre. Greeted by band and crew I have started documenting a day in the life with Joe. Joe’s daily schedule runs like a well oiled machine and is a great testament to how hard Joe, band and crew works.


  • 10:45 am-Crew Call
  • 11:00 am-Load In
  • 2:00 pm -Lobby Call
  • 2:30 pm -Sound Check
  • 3:00 pm-Joe interviews
  • 4:30 pm-Meet and Greet
  • 5:00 pm-Dinner
  • 7:00 pm-Doors Open
  • 8:00 pm-Show Time
  • 11:30pm-Pack and Bus Call

Joe will warm up before the show on this set up getting ready to shred for a packed house. Each day band member has a different pre show warm up but as Carmine showed me they stretch their muscles doing the Seal Clap Stretch. “You gotta loosen up before you play”

The show is catered with a spread of chicken,fish,mashed potatoes,vegs,rice,bread,3 different cakes, and fruit. After dinner at 5pm some people take a nap before the show. While Joe takes his last glass of wine and gets ready for the show, excitement starts. The doors open at 7pm and the crowd begins to grow until the sound of Iron Maiden takes over and they know “The next thing you will hear will be live music”-Joe Bonamassa

I will write another post after sound check and be sure to be on the look out for new JB TV videos from my trip On The Road With Joe.