* I’m gonna leave my home, I ain’t gonna see my baby (x2)

Restless night, corner of the valley, listen to the wind scene

But you weren’t the one who was shattered

Now your calling back to me

I’ve been gone, who knows where

My life will lead, I give you all my love

All my soul, now I’m growing cold

* repeat

Holding down, trying to tell myself life is what it seems

So you want that bad **** house that means nothing to me

You couldn’t make up your mind, when we slept in the same bed

Now you’re back, now you’re crying

Tell me it’s all in my head

* repeat

Yeah tonight all about forgiveness, that’s what you see

But you refuse to answer, make peace for what you did

Broken hearts don’t matter, gonna live my life instead

I was always there for you, but you left me feeling dead

* repeat