Now introducing the brand new Joe Bonamassa live from Royal Albert Hall blue ray and CD anniversary edition. This DVD features blues legends Eric Clapton and Paul Jones. The concert stands as a landmark in Joe Bonamassa’s career.  More than 5,000 concert viewers witness the fulfillment of his dream at one of the most prestigious venues in the world. Bonamassa plays an awesome set list including hits such as Django, The Ballad of John Henry, Sloe Gin, and Story of A Quarryman. One of the highlights of the concert is Bonamassa and Clapton’s collaboration of Further On Up The Road, where these legendary guitarists trade solos.

Royal Albert Hall Blu Ray-

Royal Albert Hall CD           –

The new blue ray feature presents a crystal clear view of the stage from 12 different angles. The DVD also captures an exclusive interview with Joe Bonamassa. Buy the DVD today to witness this groundbreaking concert for yourself in crystal clear appearance, or you can jam out to the concert in your car with the first ever release of the Joe Bonammassa live from the Royal Albert hall CD. This 2 disc album lets you listen to the amazing concert in stereo from the comfort of your home, car or anywhere. Check out both new products available to Pre-Order now!