Led Zeppelin Members Liked 1 Hall & Oates Album So Much They Brought It From Motel to Motel

Led Zeppelin ‘s songs don’t sound much like Hall & Oates ‘songs; however, Led Zeppelin really enjoyed one Hall & Oates album. During an interview, it was revealed the members of Led Zeppelin would take this album from motel to motel. Rolling Stone later put the hit song from that album on its list of the greatest songs of all time.


John Oates said Hall & Oates released a ‘smart’ album early in their career

During a 1988 Spin interview, John Oates lamented the state of the modern music industry. “What’s unfortunate in today’s music world is that a new group doesn’t get a chance to make mistakes,” he opined. “When Tommy got us signed to Atlantic Records in 1971, we did a dump album like Whole Oates, a smart one with Abandoned Luncheonette, and a f****** weird hard rock one with War Babies, the last of which got us dropped in favor of the Average White Band. “They might have been a better groove outfit, but they couldn’t write songs as prolifically as us, and so what?” he added. “Everybody always had the option of starting over again.”



Led Zeppelin had a strong reaction to ‘Abandoned Luncheonette’

Oates referred to Abandoned Luncheonette as a “smart” album. Daryl Hall was a fan of the album as well. He said it was a part of the great American songwriting tradition that was dying out. He said the members of Led Zeppelin were also fans of Abandoned Luncheonette. “We got a lot of mileage from that LP, with people as flattering as Led Zeppelin picking it as a favorite and taking tapes of it from motel to motel,” he said.



The way the world reacted to Hall & Oates’ ‘She’s Gone’

The members of Led Zeppelin don’t appear to be the only ones who liked Abandoned Luncheonette. Abandoned Luncheonette peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard 200. It lasted on the chart for 38 weeks. The only single from the album, “She’s Gone,” became Hall & Oates’ first top 10 hit in the United States. “She’s Gone” hit No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for 28 weeks.


On the other hand, Abandoned Luncheonette was not popular in the United Kingdom. According to The Official Charts Company, the album did not chart in the U.K. “She’s Gone” was a minor hit there, peaking at No. 42 and remaining on the chart for four weeks. The Tavares Brothers brought new attention to “She’s Gone” when they covered it. In addition, “She’s Gone” was well-received by critics. In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked it No. 336 on its list of the 500 greatest songs ever.

 Abandoned Luncheonette and “She’s Gone” paved the way for the popularity of numerous Hall & Oates songs — and even Led Zeppelin liked its parent album.


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R.E.M. Release Newly Restored Version Of ‘Electrolite’ Video

‘New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25th Anniversary Edition’ was released on October 29 this year

In further celebration of R.E.M. ‘s recently released New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25h Anniversary Edition, the iconic rockers just released a newly HD-restored video for “Electrolite.”


“Electrolite” is the closing track of the band’s September 1996 release, the 14-track New Adventures in Hi-Fi. The record’s 25th anniversary edition was released on October 29 this year, via Craft Recordings.


“‘Electrolite,’ I didn’t want to put it on the album, I didn’t think it was good enough,” frontman Michael Stipe said in NAIHF ‘s liner notes. “I thought it was simplistic and obvious, and I didn’t see the beauty or the poetry in it. And of course, later I realized what an astonishing song it is.


But it took me a while to come around to that.” The band previously released a restored video of “New Test Leper,” prior to the 25th Anniversary Edition ‘s release in October.

“But what I really liked was the way that Michael sort of kept his center in the middle of it all, and kept compassion and a kindness and an openness,” Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke said in NAIHF ‘s liner notes.


“Because there’s no way you could write something as sort of weirdly joyful and light on its feet like ‘Electrolite,’ without still having some grounding. My absolute favorite R.E.M. song is ‘Electrolite.’ And second favorite is ‘E-Bow The Letter.’”


Written By Marisa Whitaker / Spin Magazine

Nile Rodgers is auctioning guitars for talented teenagers

The multi-award-winning music producer and guitarist, Nile Rodgers, is to auction his guitars, cars, and personal items to raise money for his We Are Family Foundation. The not-for-profit organization provides mentoring for talented teenagers around the world. One of the guitars being auctioned is a replica of his famous Hitmaker.


But Rodgers, who has won multiple Grammy awards, is not parting with the actual Hitmaker. That’s staying with him as he still plays it on stage and on the albums, he produces at London’s Abbey Road Studios, where he is creative adviser. Nile Rodgers has produced and played with David Bowie, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Madonna, Duran Duran, Daft Punk, and co-founded the 70s band Chic.

The auction of more than 160 lots of guitars, cars and personal items takes place at Christie’s in New York on 16 December.


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30 Years Ago: Aerosmith Duet With Bartender Moe on
‘The Simpsons’

Aerosmith performed an unannounced set on Nov. 21, 1991, at a small bar in Springfield.


They just happened to be passing through town while on tour and hadn’t planned on taking the stage that evening. Then the owner grabbed the mic while Aerosmith were happily occupying one of the booths at Moe’s Tavern.

At the time, the entrepreneurial bartender Moe Szyslak was suddenly one of the hottest names in mixology. He’d created a drink named the Flaming Moe, and the mysterious cocktail suddenly becoming nightlife’s hottest craze. Lines began wrapping around the bar, which changed its name to Flaming Moe’s in honor of the popular drink. Celebrity clientele began frequenting the previously unheralded watering hole.


“Ladies and gentlemen, some new buddies of mine stopped by tonight,” Szyslak announced to the filled-to-capacity room. “Maybe we can get them to come up here. How about a warm Flaming Moe’s welcome for Aerosmith!”


The band initially declined the invitation, but a promise of free pickled eggs coaxed Aerosmith onto the stage. The performance got off to a bumpy start after frontman Steven Tyler accidentally screamed “Hello St. Louis!” only to be reminded that they were in Springfield. Still, the band was soon doing what they do best, rocking out to their iconic song “Walk This Way.”


Midway through, bassist Tom Hamilton beckoned Szyslak, encouraging him to join Aerosmith on stage. The bartender ended up sharing a mic with Tyler, singing along to the track’s famous chorus.


Szyslak picked up a shaker during a subsequent rendition of “Young Lust,” with drummer Joey Kramer noticeably absent. (It was later revealed that he was on the band’s bus with a fan named Edna Krabapple.) Aerosmith’s set was cut short, however, when an unidentified bald, fat man fell on them from the rafters above.


In the end, the night was just another in a long list of memorable occasions for Aerosmith, but it would prove to be the highlight of Szyslak’s five minutes of fame. Afterward, his secret Flaming Moe recipe was revealed, and the cocktail became available in bars across the nation. With its signature drink no longer exclusive, Moe’s Tavern returned to its previous role as another sleepy American dive bar. A short documentary on Aerosmith’s impromptu 1991 performance in Springfield can be found below.


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