What makes a musician legendary? Why do some remain while others fade away? Let’s look at the most prime example we have in blues-rock music, Jimi Hendrix. Now, if you have never heard this name… you have been living under a rock and need to get on it!



There are several factors that go into the answer as to why Hendrix is synonymous with the Fender Stratocaster and still considered the best guitarist of all time nearly 50 years after his death. Although he died when he was only 27, prompting the creation of the infamous 27 Club, Hendrix left behind a treasure trove of amazing songs, albums, and techniques that are still used to this day.
When someone bursts on a scene bringing things that no one has ever seen or heard before, they create a disturbance, either positive or negative. For Hendrix, his home country of America originally didn’t except his brash way of playing; this is why he got his start in England and was able to establish himself and his sound. Hendrix is known for his virtuosic levels of talent and his outrageous onstage antics. He set his guitar on fire, literally! Who does that?!
It is safe to safe to say that Hendrix’s name will forever be tied to the guitar world and he will always influence the next generation of players!

Patrick Ortiz