Grab a box of moon pies, a six-pack of cheap cold beer and a bucket of southern fried chicken, add some Southern Cultures On The Skids Music to the mix and my friend, you have all the proper necessities for a true white trash party! How would I describe this band’s music? I’ll put it this way, let’s say Jerry Lee Lewis and Dick Dale had a love child that was raised in a trailer park, the outcome would be the band Southern Culture on the Skids.

S.C.O.T.S.’ music sports elements of trashy guitar, monkey paw surf, lovely southern country harmonies and a swift kick of swamp ass boogie that will make any crazy fool jump up on a table and shake their booty while yelling “Hell, yeah!” Haven’t heard their music? You might be wrong…If you saw the first Super Troopers movie, then you heard three tracks from this band. If you’re a fan of True blood, CSI Miami, Psych, the movie Varsity Blues, etc. Then you have heard their music. Unfortunately, Chris ‘Cousin Crispy’ Bess who played keyboards, some percussion and guitars for the band’s live shows is no longer a part of the band, but as a trio, their music still takes the listener to that next level of down and dirty boogie and transcends them to that wonderful place called happy. They’re doing something right because they’ve been together since 1983.

If you get the chance to see them live, go for it because not only are they hugely entertaining, but if you jump on stage, they just might feed you fried chicken! I promise that their music will make you all warm and fuzzy inside because they are the perfect elixir to any party! You can go to a normal concert, but you won’t be as entertained as you would be at a S.C.O.T.S live Show! You can’t listen to SCOTS without breaking a big smile? Its Surf meets Southern soul, and a smattering of tongue-in-cheek country. SCOTS also has a new album called Bootleggers Choice and it is definitely “top shelf” from start to finish! 

Check out the video below for a cool behind the scenes look at this band’s history which features a few of their popular tracks. Click the play button and enjoy the ride!

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