Steve Perry’s Journey Back To Music – With Traces

So, do most of us miss Steve Perry as the front man of Journey? Absolutely! Change is hard for a lot of us. But to finally come to terms and make peace with music, this is amazing obstacle that Steve Perry has managed to overcome! He recently released his new album Traces. Which For me, I’m thrilled about this!  He’s known as one of the most identifiable voices still reigning to this day, and now he’s back after a 25-year hiatus and creating music once again. Amen! He announced a return to music this past October and released a new single, “No Erasin,” to accompany the release. It’s a song about losing love and having a chance meeting to talk about it later in life.  Check it out:

Traces, contains nine originals songs and a cover of the Beatles’ “I Need You.” When asked why he walked away from music, his comment was “he was suffering a severe musical burnout at the time.” He furthered explained by saying, “sometimes, you just need to walk away and find yourself again.” “It was truly a cathartic experience.” The reason for the musical comeback?  He came back because he found his love for music again and is fulfilling a promise to someone who was near and dear to him who had passed on.  With this new album Traces, he did things on his own terms, took his time and completely created it from the heart. By letting go and trusting himself again, he feels that this is the most personal he has ever been with his music. Here is Perry talking about the making of the album:

At the time of this release via Fantasy Records back on October 5th, Traces, was Perry’s first Top 10 solo debut, entering the Billboard 200 albums chart at No. 6 with over 73,000 total copies in sales and consumption. Traces had additionally landed at No. 2 on the Billboard Current Rock Albums chart the week it came out (Now at #26). The new album’s debut also marks Perry’s best-ever debut in the U.K., Germany, Canada and Japan (Debuted No. 1 on the International chart).  Quite an accomplishment for a musician doing a solo album! Will he ever perform with Journey? We don’t know but it would be bittersweet to see them all together again. In the meantime, you can check out this great Journey video from the Escape Tour:

Ok, Maybe just one more early video…Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy…

Michelle S.
J&R Adventures