I love the song “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” it is a powerful blues/heartland rock duo song that when performed correctly is a lot of fun and very impactful. It can be heard as being on the cusp of almost a folk or southern-type vibe which works for the context of the original. This video is a cover by Devon Allman and Samantha Fish, two current prowlers on the blues scene.

The song was written by rocker and king of top-down driving music, Tom Petty along with longtime Petty co-writer, Mike Campbell. The song was originally written to be performed by Petty and his band the Heartbreakers, but after hearing the fabulous Fleetwood Mac singer Steve Knicks performing some of the lines, they agreed it would sound better as a duet; and they weren’t wrong.

The song was recorded in 1981, released on Steve Knick’s debut solo album, Bella Donna. This was the only song Knicks did not write herself, but because of how well their initial performance of this song went, they had to include it. If you haven’t heard the original, I cannot stress enough about how amazing it is!

Back in 2013 for his album, Turquoise, blues and southern rocker, Devon Allman who is the son of the late Gregg Allman, paired up with the current belle of the blues, Samantha Fish. Normally, you wouldn’t think about these two having styles that would blend well together; but people probably thought that about Petty and Knicks too. Actually, Devon’s twangy southern vocals blends great with Fish’s sassy soul growls and they do the original great justice.

Both Samantha Fish and Devon Allman will be on Joe Bonamassa’s 5th annual Keeping the Blues Alive Cruise in 2019, setting sail for Grand Cayman. Both musicians will undoubtedly give stellar performances, but I wouldn’t bet on them playing this tune together.

Another great version of “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” was performed in 2005 by Joss Stone and Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty.