Alvin Lee is another one of those underrated masterminds in the blues guitar world that more people need to be familiar with.

Alvin Lee is most known as the front man and lead guitarist of the British blues-rock band Ten Year After. The band was well-known in the late 60s and early 70s have had several major hits, 8 Top 40 UK Albums, and continued success since their inception.

Alvin Lee, seen in the picture above, was known for always playing his go-to red Gibson Es-335 with the decals on it. Lee’s style was intoxicating to all those who witnessed his mastery. He was well-versed in the blues, but he had a fiery rock and roll chops with “lightning-fast” playing that was captured at Ten Years After’s 1969 Woodstock performance. He was a prime example of guitarists shredding in a hard-rock manner on blues tunes. Alvin Lee has inspired many great guitarists, including Joe Bonamassa who plays in a very similar style to Lee and Gary Moore.

Unfortunately, Lee died in a hospital in Spain at the age of 68.


Patrick Ortiz