There are some bands whose name gets lost in the ether no matter how long they have been around. Interestingly, sometimes even if the band has a mega radio hit we recognize immediately, we still may not know their name. One band that I think fits this description very well is the Marshall Tucker Band.

The Marshall Tucker Band formed officially formed in 1972 but players have been jamming in various versions of the band since the early 60’s while in a town called Spartanburg, South Carolina. Although the band was a revolving door of sorts as far as band members, the original lineup, consisting of Toy Caldwell on lead guitar and vocals, is still one of the most revered variants.

You would think, out of a 45-year tenure, there would be one person named Marshall Tucker, but there was not. The band name actually originated from “a Spartanburg-area blind piano tuner, whose name was inscribed on the keys of the warehouse the band used for rehearsals.”
Upon listening to their music, you might categorize Marshall Tucker Band as Southern rock but, if you listen further, you will discover elements of blues, country, jazz, rock, folk, and others. The band’s first four albums were certified Gold with their 6th album going Platinum. Also, If you are feeling entirely bluesy, MTB released an album Face Down in the Blues consisting of polka music; just kidding!

Their music, in particular their major hit “Can’t You See” has been heard in a few movies and on every classic rock radio station. It has now essentially become a Southern rock anthem of the 70’s with killer vocals and an infectious guitar hook.

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Patrick Ortiz Keeping the Blues Alive