Welcome to Friday Everybody! We made it through the week. Now let’s look at what happened this week in rock history.



Eric Gales: October 29, 1974 (blues guitarist)

Clifford Brown: October 30, 1930 (jazz trumpet player)

Ian D’Sa: October 30, 1975 (guitar/vocals, Billy Talent)

Lyle Lovett; November 1, 1957 (country singer, songwriter)

Sonny Rhodes: November 3, 1940 (blues singer and lap steel player)

Dilbert McClinton: November 4, 1940 (blues singer)


Denny Laine: October 29, 1944 (vocals and guitar, The Moody Blues)

Peter Green: October 29, 1946 (vocals and guitar, Fleetwood Mac)

Grace Slick: October 30, 1939 (lead vocals, Jefferson Airplane)

Timothy B. Schmit: October 30, 1947 (bass, The Eagles)

Johnny Marr: October 31, 1963 (guitar, the smiths)

Ric Grech: November 1, 1946 (bass, Blind Faith and Traffic)

Bob Weston: November 1, 1947 (guitar, Fleetwood Mac)

Anthony Kiedis: November 1, 1962 (singer, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Keith Emerson: November 2, 1944 (keyboards, Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

Dave Pegg: November 2, 1947 (bass, Jethro Tull)


Duane Allman: October 29, 1971 (guitar, The Allman Brothers Band)

Peter Haycock: October 30, 2013 (guitar, Climax Blues Band)

Mississippi John Hurt: November 2, 1966 (blues vocalist and guitarist)

Jim Clench: November 3, 2010 (bass, Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Eddie Harsch: November 4, 2016 (keyboard, The Black Crowes)


The famous jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” is #1 in America: October 29, 1955

John Lennon, “Mind Games” and the LP of the same name was released: October 29, 1973

The Who’s “Quadrophenia” receives double Gold status: October 29, 1973

The John Lennon LP Imagine hits #1: October 30, 1971

Pink Floyd release Meddle: October 30, 1971
Santana’s album “Supernatural” goes #1: October 30, 1999

James Taylor’s LP Fire and Rain is certified gold: October 31, 1970


Meddle from Pink Floyd is released: October 31, 1971

Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released: October 31, 1975

Buddy Hollie’s “That’ll Be The Day” reaches number one in the UK: November 1, 1954

The Beatles Abbey Road hits #1: November 1, 1969

Cream’s Wheels of Fire goes platinum: November 2, 1968

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young hit #1 with So Far: November 2, 1974

Jerry Lee Lewis, “Great Balls Of Fire” was released: November 3, 1957

Eagles’ “Long Run” hits number 1: November 3, 1979


Dark Side of The Moon breaks the record for most weeks on the Billboard album chart with 724 weeks straight! October 29, 1983

Wilson Pickett, The Byrds, and John Lee Hooker are welcomed into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, representing a diversity of music: soul, folk-rock and blues: October 29, 1990

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a series of concerts take place at Madison Square Garden, featuring inductees Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Mick Jagger and Aretha Franklin: October 29, 2009

After Jim Morrison was arrested for exposing himself at a show in Miami, he is sentenced to six months in jail and fined: October 30, 1970

Elton John performs for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at her annual Royal Command Variety Performance in London. He is the first rocker to perform for the Queen since The Beatles: October 30, 1972

Linda Ronstadt tries her hand at opera in La Boheme: October 30, 1984

The original Black Sabbath lineup reunites on The David Letterman Show. They play their song “Paranoid:” October 30, 1998

A 26-year-old hairdresser takes over a guitar spot for a boogie-woogie pianist, the guitarist’s name is Chuck Berry: October 31, 1952

Early proto-punk band Iggy and the Stooges make their live debut. The show takes place in Detroit, Michigan at a Halloween party: October 31, 1967

The members of legendary blues rock band Led Zeppelin launch their new artist-owned label, Swan Song. Among the attendees at the event, held at the Chislehurst Caves in Kant, England, are Bill Wyman and Groucho Marx. Also, several dozen naked models. Among the interesting sights to see included nuns wearing suspenders serving drinks, naked male wrestlers, and a nude woman lying in a coffin while covered in jelly. Just another day at the office for Led Zeppelin: October 31, 1974

The Beatles begin their first British headlining tour as headliners. The tour starts with two shows at the Odeon in Gloucestershire, England. The band earned 300 pounds per night for their services. The set list included classic tunes like “From Me to You”, “All My Loving”, and “I Saw Her Standing There:” November 1, 1963

A Rolling Stones concert held in Rochester, New York, ends abruptly when 3,000 overexcited fans charge the stage 7 minutes after the show began. Although the band attempts to re-start the show several times, the police wind up cancelling the event. Only 6 songs were played that night: November 1, 1965

Metal Hammer Magazine publishes a list of the top ten rock moustaches. Who made the cut? Frank Zappa, everyone in Black Sabbath other than Ozzy Osbourne, and ranked #1 – of course – would be Freddy Mercury: November 1, 2012

Carly Simon and James Taylor get hitched at Simon’s apartment in Manhattan. Later on at a show at Radio City Music Hall, Taylor jokes “I don’t know whether to be more nervous about the concert or the marriage.” The marriage lasts eleven years: November 3, 1972

Elton John announces his retirement. The announcement came during a concert at London’s Empire Pool. However, disappointed fans would soon find relief when he returned to the music business before a year and a half was up: November 3, 1977

Eric Clapton is made a CBE – Commander of the Order of the British Empire – by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace. He should be a knight! November 3, 2004

The blues-rock trio Cream play their final show in the US. It was in Providence, Rhode Island on November 4th, 1968. On November 4th, 1991, Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, the Yardbirds and others, are all inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A young Bob Dylan, who you may have heard won the Nobel Prize just recently, appeared at Carnegie Hall for the first time on November 4, 1961. Dylan had received some positive press and was able to secure the Carnegie gig. The gig was held in a small auditorium in the building called the Carnegie Chapter Hall. Tickets were priced at $2 and about 50 people attended the show, and most of them were Dylan’s friends.

–By Michelle S.

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