Danny Hutton: September 10, 1942 (vocals, Three Dog Night)

Joe Perry: September 10, 1950 (guitarist, Aerosmith)

Pat Mastelotto: September 10, 1955 (drums, King Crimson)

Mickey Hart: September 11, 1943 (drums, Grateful Dead)

John Martyn: September 11, 1948 (singer-songwriter)

Tommy Shaw: September 11, 1953 (vocals and guitar, Styx)

Victor Wooten: September 11, 1964 (funk bassist)

Harry Connick Jr: September 11, 1967 (jazz vocalist)

Barry White: September 12, 1944 (singer-songwriter)

Neil Peart: September 12, 1952 (drums, Rush)

Lewie Steinberg: September 13, 1933 (bass, Booker T. and the MGs)

Peter Cetera: September 13, 1944 (bass, Chicago)

Craig MacGregor: September 13, 1949 (bass, Foghat)

Shawn Amos: September 13, 1967 (blues musician)

Steve Gaines: September 14, 1949 (guitar, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

 Paul Kossoff: September 14, 1950 (guitar, Free)

Amy Winehouse: September 14, 1983

B.B. King: September 16, 1925

Kenney Jones: September 16, 1948 (drums, Small Faces)

Ean Evans: September 16, 1960 (bass, Lynyrd Skynyrd)



Clarence “gatemouth” Brown: September 10, 2005 (blues musician)

Peter Tosh: September 11, 1987 (guitar and keyboard, Bob Marley and the Wailers)

Johnny Cash: September 12, 2003 (singer-songwriter)

Tupac Shakur: September 13, 1996

Grant Hart: September 13, 2017 (drummer, Husker Du)

Rick Wright: September 15, 2008 (keyboards, Pink Floyd)

Johnny Ramone: September 15, 2004 (guitar, Ramones)




Beatles’ Revolver hits #1: September 10, 1966

Elton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” is certified gold: September 10, 1975

Bob Dylan, Hard Rain was released: September 10, 1976

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is released: September 10, 1991

The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” is certified gold: September 11, 1967

Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here was released: September 12, 1975

Santana’s LP Santana hits #1: September 13, 1969

Bruce Springsteen’s LP Born To Run enters the charts: September 13, 1975

Big Brother and the Holding Company’s LP Cheap Thrills enters the charts: September 14, 1968

Eric Clapton’s “I Shot The Sheriff” hits #1: September 14, 1974



Rod Stewart records his very first single, which was a cover of the Willie Dixon-penned tune “Good
Morning Little School Girl”. The cut featured future Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones on bass –
September 10, 1964

The BBC bans the song “Star Star” by The Rolling Stones. The song used a dirty phrase in the chorus. 12
times. – September 10, 1973


B.B. King plays at Cook County Jail and the famous recording is released a year later: September 10, 1970


The band the New York Dolls break up: September 10, 1974

Bing Crosby invites David Bowie to make a very special appearance on his annual Christmas TV special.
He suggested that the pair sing a duet. Bowie agreed, and the two wound up filming an incredible
rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” mashed up with Bowie’s original composition “Peace on Earth” –
September 10, 1977

The Beatles’ Help hits #1: September 11, 1965

The Who play their first concert without Keith Moon, who died the previous year. To fill in, the band
gets ex-Faces drummer Kenny Jones. He eventually becomes Moon’s permanent replacement –
September 11, 1979

The practice of “Payola” is banned by the FCC. The controversial Payola practice involved the act of
paying DJ’s to play specific songs. This became a huge scandal involving such well-respected DJ’s as Dick
Clark and Alan Freed: September 13, 1960

Rolling Stone magazine reports that Pete Townshend of The Who is working on something called a “rock
opera”, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a musical utilizing rock music rather than classical or
traditional standard pop music. The topic of the rock opera was to be a boy who was dead, dumb and
blind but who excelled at the game of Pinball. This, of course, would turn into the legendary album and
show Tommy – September 14, 1968

Jim Morrison, who is supposed to perform with The Doors that night, collapses on stage during the
opening band’s set – that happened to be Jefferson Airplane, by the way. Morrison had been binge
drinking and smoking hashish for days when he collapsed. The Doors are forced to go onstage as a trio –
September 15, 1968

Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind 1997,” rewritten and rerecorded with new lyrics paying tribute to the
recently-deceased Princess Di, sells a record 600,000 copies in one day in Britain alone. It would go on to
become the biggest-selling single of all time: September 15, 1997

Bob Dylan becomes the oldest person to top Billboard’s Albums chart at 65-years-old: September 16, 2006

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