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This Week In Rock History: April 1 – April 7

Billy Joel Scores His First Top-40 Hit with the gin-soaked anthem “Piano Man” Like many, Billy Joel had dreams of rock stardom. And ultimately

10 Facts About Amazing Acoustic Guitarist Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is one of the most legendary, but also mythological figures in the history of 20th century popular music. Very little is known

Thank You – 5 Songs That Need to Be on Your Thanksgiving Playlist!

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to say thank you or to express gratitude, even on Thanksgiving. But that’s ok!  We have the

The Men Behind the Glass: Rock’s Greatest Record Producers

Producing is about a lot more than hitting some sounds and knobs on a soundboard. Producing is an art form in itself. It requires

Nashville Rocks!

Nashville is known as music city, but that doesn’t mean that Nashville is known for its rock music. Sure, Memphis had Elvis, but Memphis

Music City – Rock, Blues, and… Banjo Jazz?

Did you think Music City was all country music? Think again! The sounds of Nashville are as diverse as music gets, with artists dabbling

Tribut’s Picks: Rock Stars Never Die

The members of Club 27, we think, would not want us to dwell on the tragedy of their deaths, but rather on the beauty

Club 27: Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away…

Club 27 wasn’t limited to those fateful years between 1969 – 1971. Rather, the strangeness that underlies the club has struck at various times

This Week in Rock History: July 29 – August 4

It is time for your weekly walk down memory lane! Today we’re back with another installment of Tribut’s “This Week In Rock History” where

Rock City, USA

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a hometown band playing in its own hometown setting. This week’s theme at Tribut is bands that have