Jerry Garcia was a fantastic lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, and founding member of the rock jam band Grateful Dead. Garcia helped to pioneer jam music and brought it into the limelight. He is still highly regarded in the music scene and serves as an inspiration to all aspiring jam rock musicians. Happy Birthday Jerry!

Now, let’s take a look at other events that happened this week in rock history!


Born This Week in Rock History

Charlie Christian: July 29, 1916 (jazz guitarist)

Geddy Lee: July 29, 1953 (bass, Rush)

Buddy Guy: July 30, 1936 (blues guitarist)

Jeffrey Hammond : July 30, 1946 (bass, Jethro Tull)

Kenny Burrell: July 31, 1931 (jazz guitarist)

Jerry Garcia: August 1, 1942 (guitar, The Grateful Dead)

Boz Burrell: August 1, 1946 (bass, Bad Company & King Crimson)

Tommy Bolin: August 1, 1951 (guitar, Deep Purple)

Robert Cray: August 1, 1953 (guitar, Robert Cray Band)

Garth Hudson: August 2, 1937 (organ and keys, The Band)

John York: August 3, 1946 (bass, The Byrds)

Tony Bennett: August 3, 1926 (jazz singer)

Louis Armstrong: August 4, 1901 (jazz trumpeter)


Died This Week in Rock History

Cass Elliot: July 29, 1974 (vocals, The Mamas & The Papas)

Sam Phillips: July 30, 2003 (record mogul, Sun Records)

Dick Wagner: July 30, 2014 (guitar, Alice Cooper and Lou Reed)

James Jamerson: August 2, 1983 (Iconic bass player)

Little Milton: August 4, 2005 (blues guitarist)


Music Releases and Top of the Charts

The Doors’ “Light My Fire” hits #1: July 29, 1967

Rolling Stones release “Out of Our Heads”: July 30, 1965

The Beatles’ Yesterday …And Today LP hits #1: July 30, 1966

Steve Winwood had number 1 song with ‘Roll With It’: July 30, 1988

James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend” hits #1: July 31, 1971

Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was released: July 31, 1976

George Benson hits #1 with ‘Breezin’: July 31, 1976

Bob Seger’s “Shakedown” hits #1: August 1, 1987

The Doors’ “Hello I Love You” hits #1: August 2, 1968

The Eagles’ “One Of These Nights” hits #1: August 2, 1975

“Deepest Purple” becomes third #1 UK album for Deep Purple: August 2, 1980

Beach Boys release “Surfer Girl”: August 3, 1963

Bad Company’s Bad Company hits #1: August 3, 1974

Beach Boys Release their 27th LP!: August 3, 1992

Pink Floyd releases The Piper at the Gates of Dawn: August 4, 1967


Some music and pop culture events…

– The Beatles’ second film, Help!, premieres in the UK at the Pavilion in London: July 29, 1965

– Cream makes their live debut, appearing at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester, England: July 29, 1966

– Bob Dylan is injured in a severe motorcycle accident: July 29, 1966

– The Beatles hold their first recording session for the song “Hey Jude” at Abbey Road Studios in London: July 29, 1968

– The Beatles’ George Martin assembles first rough cut of Abbey Road Medley: July 30, 1969

– Eagles split after Glenn Frey and Don Felder fight on stage: July 31, 1980

– Johnny Cash, upset that label executive Sam Phillips is spending too much time promoting Jerry Lee Lewis and not enough time on the Man in Black, leaves Sun Record and signs with Columbia: August 1, 1958

– Harmonica is hip! So says a report in Billboard thanks to popularization of the instrument due to songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Stevie Wonder: August 1, 1964

– The Concert for Bangladesh is held at New York’s Madison Square Garden. This was the first major rock benefit concert to feature a variety of major artists. The event was spearheaded by The Beatles’ George Harrison and featured Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, and Ringo Starr. The show was able to raise $11 million for the hungry of Bangladesh: August 1, 1971

– MTV goes on air: August 1, 1981

– Folk musician Robert Zimmerman legally changes his name to Bob Dylan: August 2, 1962

– The Beatles, who had played nearly 300 shows there in a span of 2 years, play their last gig as a headliner at the Cavern Club in Liverpool: August 3, 1963

– The first day of The Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa, California is held. Over 100,000 people attended. Featured artists at the event included Alice Cooper, Canned Heat, Country Joe and the Fish, James Cotton Blues Band, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Steppenwolf: August 3, 1968

– Queen’s Brian May completes his Ph.d dissertation, which he had put aside 36 years prior to join the band Queen. He was a candidate for a Ph.d in astrophysics and studied “zodiacal dust clouds”. We don’t really know what that is, because we do not have Ph.d’s in astrophysics: August 3, 2007

– The Rollin’ Stones play their first show at the Ealing Jazz Club in London. The band would play there weekly for another 21 weeks: August 4, 1962

– The second day of The Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa, Callifornia is held. Featured artists on Day 2 included The Animals, The Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and The Byrds” August 4, 1968

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