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Hello, rock history fans! Let’s get this party started up:

Born This Week in Rock History

3/4/1948 – Chris Squire (bass, Yes)

3/4/1963 – Jason Newsted (bass, Metallica)

3/5/1952 – Alan Clark (keyboards, Dire Straits)

3/5/1970 – John Frusciante (guitar, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

3/6/1946 – David Gilmour (guitar, Pink Floyd)

3/7/1946 – Matthew Fisher (keyboards, Procol Harum)

3/8/1946 – Randy Meisner (bass, Eagles)

3/8/1957 – Clive Burr (drums, Iron Maiden)

3/9/1942 – John Cale (bass, keyboards, viola, The Velvet Underground)

3/9/1945 – Robin Trower (guitar, Procol Harum)

3/10/1947 – Tom Scholz (guitar, Boston)

3/10/1963 – Jeff Ament (bass, Pearl Jam)

3/10/1963 – Rick Rubin (producer, record mogul)

3/10/1966 – Dave Krusen (drums, Pearl Jam)


Died This Week in Rock History

3/4/1986  – Richard Manuel (keyboards, lead vocals, The Band)

3/5/1963 – Patsy Cline (Country Musician, vocals)

3/6/2013 – Alvin Lee (vocals & guitar, Ten Years After)

3/7/2013 – Peter Banks (guitar, Yes)

3/8/1973 – Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (keyboards, The Grateful Dead)

3/9/2007 – Brad Delp (lead vocals, Boston)

3/10/2005 – Danny Joe Brown (lead vocals, Molly Hatchet)

Music Recordings, Releases and Top of the Charts:

3/4/1967 – “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones hits #1

3/4/1977 – The Rolling Stones record Love You Live


3/4/1966The Beatles release Real Love

3/4/1977 – The Clash
by The Clash is released in the U.K.

3/5/1965 – “For Your Love” by The Yardbirds is released

3/7/1970 – Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel hits #1

3/7/1967 – The Beatles record “Lovely Rita”

3/7/1975 – David Bowie releases Young Americans


3/9/1976 – Queen’s A Night at the Opera goes Gold

3/9/1987 – U2 releases Joshua Tree


3/10/1965 – The Beatles’ “8 Days a Week” Hits #1

3/10/1963 – “Little” Stevie Wonder records “Fingertips”

3/10/1964 – Simon & Garfunkel record “The Sound of Silence”

3/10/1966 – Bob Dylan records “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35”

3/10/1967 – The Beatles record “Getting Better”

3/10/1970 – Grand Funk Railroad records “Closer To Home”

3/10/1973 – Pink Floyd releases The Dark Side of the Moon


This Week in Rock History:

On March 4, 1966John Lennon’s pronouncement that The Beatles were now bigger than Jesus was published. Many in the United States were deeply offended and it even lead to some Beatles album burning. Lennon did later on apologize for the statement.


Though on March 4, 1967, The Rolling Stones‘ song “Ruby Tuesday” hit #1 on the charts, it was actually originally the b-side of the single. The A-Side was the scandalous “Let’s Spend the Night Together” but it was soon banned by radio. Ruby Tuesday was switched to the A-Side and went on to have great success.


On March 3, 1955, Elvis Presley made his television debut. He appeared on the show Louisiana Hayride on the station KWKH TV, broadcasting from the Shreveport Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana.


On March 5, 1963, country music superstar Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash in Tennessee. She was traveling along with country musicians Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. The plane was carrying the passengers from a benefit concert to Nashville, TN.


On March 6, 1966, The Rolling Stones began recording their classic single “Paint It Black”. To this day it is a Rolling Stones fan favorite. And one of ours, too.


On March 7, 1976, Elton John becomes a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in London. Elton John was the first rock star to be so honored since The Beatles.


On March 8, 1969, The Small Faces broke up. Steve Marriott, vocalist, first announced that he was leaving the band. The rest of the band formed The Faces.


On March 8, 1973, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, keyboardist for the Grateful Dead and blues connoisseur, tragically died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning.


On March 9, 1970, Black Sabbath made their live debut at The Roundhouse in London.


On March 10th, 1973, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon was released, basically making my life totally perfect.

And that’s a wrap.

– Joe Bonamassa Blog