Howdy Bonamassa fans! We at J&R Adventures are so excited to be launching this official Joe Bonamassa blog and we hope you are excited for it too! My name is Brian and I will be doing much of the blogging on here for the time being. I’m a fan of Joe and his amazing music, but I also am lucky enough to be working with J&R Adventures right now. Pretty awesome stuff! On the blog, we’ll of course be talking about all things related to Joe Bonamassa and his music. Some of the stuff you will already be able to see on this blog includes discussions of tracks fromĀ Different Shades of Blue, musicians and music that have inspired and influenced Joe, the current state of the music industry, ideas that pop into my brain about Joe’s music, and even a little bit on the science of music! I will also post links to articles and reviews as they come up, so be sure to check back here often to get all the latest on Joe and the music. Thank you so much or spending time with us here, we really appreciate it! Now let’s talk some music.

– Brian R
J&R Adventures

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