The Ladies Behind The Music

Behind every successful song and musician there is a powerful and inspirational woman. This notion rings true, not just in music, but in all aspects of life, and it’s ok to admit it. Women have been influencing music since before the first song was even recorded.

More than just an influencer on songs, the women ‘behind the scenes’ have the power to shape musical direction, aspirations, and a whole lot more.

Today, we will be looking into seven influential women behind some of our favorite music.



1). Pattie Boyd  

Obviously, women have major influence on musicians and in turn, their songwriting. This fact was especially prevalent back in the 60’s and 70’s as there was a large collection of women who frequented rock shows, and the British rock boom made this even more true.

Patricia Boyd was an English bombshell who made a living as an international model. In 1964, she made a lasting impression on Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison and the couple were married by 1966. By the 70’s, the relationship proved to be toxic and, sparked by a love affair with rocker Ron Wood, the couple separated.

All the while, Eric Clapton, who was friends with Harrison, developed strong feelings for Boyd. This infatuation was revealed in the popular song “Layla” that Clapton later divulged was in fact about Boyd. By 1979, Boyd and Clapton were married and moved in together. The relationship would have a similar outcome as with Harrison and would end by 1987.

Pattie Boyd since has written an autobiography and had an exhibit of her photos of Harrison and Clapton from throughout their relationships.

Songs about Boyd: Wonderful Tonight, Something, She’s Waiting, and more!


2). Marsha Hunt

When you look at a list of popular “band enthusiasts” it seems that the majority of them have one name in common, Mick Jagger. The flamboyant Stone’s frontman is not only known for his incredible pipes, but also for his many torrid love affairs.

One of his most notable relationships was with the beautiful and talented singer and model, Marsha Hunt. Hunt became well-known in the theater world after she appeared in the rock musical Hair.

Her ten-month affair with Jagger began in 1969 to pose for an ad for “Honkey Tonk Women.” The couple had one daughter with whom Jagger denied paternity. Years later, it was revealed that Jagger had written Hunt many love letters expressing his deep love for Hunt, as well as other personal things occurring in his life.

Songs about Marsha Hunt: Brown Sugar


3). Yoko Ono

Yoko is probably the most famous and infamous woman in all of rock and roll. Not only she is she cited as being the force that broke up the Beatles’ but she also has a major muse of John Lennon and had a major impact on his life and career.

Yoko Ono is also an established musician, releasing 12 studio albums on her own as well as appearing on Lennon’s albums as well.

Songs about Yoko Ono: Imagine, Get Back, Too Many People, and more.


4). Anita Pallenberg

If you think Mick Jagger was the only Stone allowed to have fun… who am I kidding, no one believes that.

Anita Pallenberg was yet another woman to hang around with the world-famous British rockers and make a lasting impact. She was known as an “It Girl” because of her style and insatiable good looks.

The “muse of the Rolling Stones first met the the band in 1965 in Germany and began her relationship with the now deceased Brian Jones in 1967. After witnessing Jones assault Pallenberg, Keith Richards invited her to stay with him in England. The two carried a relationship until 1980 and have three kids as a result. Sadly, Pallenberg passed away in mid-2017.



5). Bebe Buell

Ever wonder where the actress Liv Tyler garnered her stunning, show-stopping good looks? Sure, you could argue for her father Steven Tyler of Aerosmith…

Let’s look at her mother though, the lesser known Bebe Buell. While in a relationship with Todd Rundgren, Buell had a brief fling with Steven Tyler, when, you guessed it, Liv Tyler was conceived.


6). Pamela Des Barres  

Pamela Des Barres is known “Rock and Roll’s Most Iconic Groupie.” Not sure how many would appreciate this title…

Among her prolific list of “relationships” are Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, and many, many others.

Des Barres is also known for a best-selling book entitled I’m With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie. In the book she talks about her years with various bands and life as a “music advocate.”


7). Anna Gordy Gaye

Have you ever wondered about the woman behind the master of soul himself, Mr. Marvin Gaye? Abba Gordy was not only Gaye’s wife from 1963-1977 but was also the older sister of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records.

Anna inspired many of Marvin’s songs and a few albums as well.  


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