August 24th – August 30th Week In Rock

August 24th – August 30th Week In Rock

This Week’s Trivia Answer – AUGUST 24TH – 30TH

UB40 releases their debut, Signing Off. The album climbs to #2 on the UK Albums Chart, spending a total of 71 weeks on the charts. Furthermore, It’s the first-ever reggae record to reach the Top-30 in the UK.


Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – August 24, 1905 (blues vocalist and guitarist)
Wynonie Harris – August 24, 1915 (blues vocalist)
David Freiberg – August 24, 1938 (Quicksilver Messenger Service & Jefferson Airplane, bass, guitar)
John Cipollina – August 24, 1943 (Quicksilver Messenger Service, guitar)
Wayne Shorter – August 25, 1933 (Jazz saxophonist)

Happy Birthday Gene Simmons!

Gene Simmons – August 25, 1949 (KISS, vocals, and bass)
Elvis Costello – August 25, 1954 (English singer-songwriter)
Jeff Tweedy – August 25, 1967 (Wilco, singer)
Scott Henderson – August 26, 1954 (blues guitarist)
Cedric Burnside – August 26, 1978 (blues musician)
Jimmy Rushing – August 26, 1902 (blues and jazz singer

Happy Birthday Lester Young!

Lester Young – August 27, 1909 (jazz saxophonist)
Alex Lifeson – August 27, 1953 (guitar, Rush)
Glen Matlock – August 27, 1956 (bass, Sex Pistols)
Danny Seraphine – August 28, 1948 (drums, Chicago)
Charlie Parker – August 29, 1920 (jazz saxophonist)

Happy Birthday Sterling Morrison!

Sterling Morrison – August 29, 1942 (guitar, The Velvet Underground)
Chris Copping – August 29, 1945 (bass, Procol Harum)
Michael Jackson – August 29, 1958 (vocals, The Jackson Five)
Dinah Washington – August 29, 1924 (jazz and blues vocalist)
“Papa” John Phillips – August 30, 1935 (vocals, The Mamas & the Papas)


Jack Nitzsche – August 25, 2000 (producer and musician, keyboards)
Allen Woody – August 26, 2000 (bass, Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule)
Rockin Dopsie Sr – August 26, 1993 (American Jazz-Fusion singer Zydeco)
Stevie Ray Vaughan – August 27, 1990 (guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)
Jimmy Reed – August 29, 1976 (blues vocalist and guitarist)
Sterling Morrison – August 30th, 1995 (guitar, The Velvet Underground)


Jeff Buckley’s – August 24, 1994. Grace, releases to critical acclaim!
Stevie Wonder’s Little Stevie Wonder / The 12-Year-Old Genius hits #1. August 24, 1963
The Knack’s “My Sharona” hits #1 in the US for the first of six weeks. August 25, 1979
Bruce Springsteen releases his third album and big breakthrough “Born to Run”. August 25, 1975.
Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” is in the movie Batman Forever and hits #1 in the US. August 26, 1995.
Robert Plant’s solo LP “Pictures at Eleven” receives a Gold record. August 27, 1982
Pearl Jam releases their first album “Ten” August 27, 1991
The Doors’ “Hello, I Love You” is certified gold August 28th,1968
Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” is certified gold – August 28, 1973


Keith Moon celebrates his 21st birthday by driving his car into a hotel swimming pool – August 24, 1967.


The Who perform a special 20th anniversary charity concert of their rock opera Tommy. The event takes place at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Featuring guests Elton John (as the Pinball Wizard), Patti Labelle (as the Acid Queen), Steve Winwood (as the Hawker). With Phil Collins (as Uncle Ernie), and Billy Idol (as Cousin Kevin). Kind of an interesting mix of musicians, no? August 24th, 1989.


Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page perform Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at the closing ceremony for the 2008 Olympics. It takes place in Beijing. August 24, 2008.


John Lennon records the song “Cold Turkey”. The song is likely about John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s withdrawal from heroin addictions. It describes the same feeling I get if I miss my 2:30 p.m. cup of coffee. August 24, 1969.

Brian Wilson Returns!

Returning after a two-year hiatus, The Beach Boys’ founder Brian Wilson returns to performing live with the band. August 25, 1967.


Singer-songwriter Elton John begins a seventeen-night run at Los Angeles club The Troubadour. It’s his first US club appearance and a move which will catapult him into pop stardom. August 25th, 1970.


Jimmy Page and Robert Plant record the MTV special Unledded. August 25, 1994.


Jimi Hendrix opens his studio, Electric Ladyland in New York City. August 25th, 1970.


After an all-night jam. The Allman Brothers’ Duane Allman asks Clapton if he can attend the recording sessions for Derek, and the Dominos. Clapton agrees, only on the condition that Allman also play on the sessions. August 26, 1970.


Original lyrics for “A Day in The Life” receive $87,000 at an auction. August 27, 1992.

Peter, Paul, and Mary Perform!

Peter, Paul, and Mary perform “Blowin’ in the Wind” prior to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream Speech” at the Lincoln Memorial. August 28, 1963.


The Rolling Stones sign with Decca Records, who famously turned down another popular rock and roll band: The Beatles. August 28th, 1965.


Three men try to steal Elvis Presley’s corpse from a mausoleum in Memphis. The police arrest them. The body moves to Graceland. We guess that the three perpetrators were singing Jailhouse Rock that night. August 29, 1977.


Two weeks after Woodstock, the 2nd annual Isle of Wright Festival occurs in England. The show featured Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, The Nice, The Who, and others. August 30, 1969.
The Doors officially break up, and probably should have already done so when they lost front man Jim Morrison. August 30, 1973.


The Late Show with David Letterman premieres, featuring musical guest Billy Joel, the Piano Man. August 30th, 1993.


The Ronettes Score Big!


After a couple of flop singles for smaller record companies. The Ronettes score their only Billboard Top Ten hit when their first effort for Phil Spector. “Be My Baby” rises to #2 on August 24, 1963.


UB40 release their seminal debut, Signing Off. The album would climb to #2 on the UK Albums Chart, spending a total of 71 weeks on the charts. It is the first-ever reggae record to reach the Top-30 in the UK. In 2010, to mark the group’s 30th anniversary and Signing Off’s far-reaching influence. Meanwhile, the band performs the record in its entirety during a series of intimate concerts across the UK. August 29, 1980.


Wrapping up their tour at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The Beatles announce this is their last concert. Jaded by poor sound systems and the rigors of the road, they turn their attention to studio work. August 29, 1966.