August 31-September 6-This Week in Rock

August 31-September 6 This Week in Rock

This Week in Rock – August 31 September 6 Trivia Answer 

The Grateful Dead perform “Shakedown Street” live for the first time ever at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. 8/31/1978


August 31-September 6 BORN THIS WEEK

Van Morrison – 8/31/1945 – (rock singer-songwriter)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – 9/1/1975 (guitar, Mars Volta)

Memphis Slim – 9/3/1915 (Blue guitarist, Texas & Chicago blues)

Freddie King – 9/3/34 (One of the “Three Kings” of electric blues guitar)

Danny Gatton – 9/4/1945 (A multi-faceted guitarist who creates “redneck jazz”)

Gene Parsons – September 4, 1944 (drums, The Byrds)


Happy Birthday Gary Duncan!

Gary Duncan – September 4, 1946 (guitar, Quicksilver Messenger Service)

Greg Elmore – September 4, 1946 (drums, Quicksilver Messenger Service)

Buddy Miles – 9/5/1947 (Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys – Over the top Drummer)

Clem Clempson – 9/5/1949 (multi-instrumentalist – Colosseum, Humble Pie)

Freddie Mercury – September 5, 1946 (vocalist, Queen)

Roger Waters – September 6, 1943 (bass, Pink Floyd)


August 31-September 6 DIED THIS WEEK 

Jimi Jamison – 8/31/2014 (lead singer, Survivor)

Jerry Reed – 9/1/2008 (Country Singer, Musician)

Dave Hlubek – 9/2/2017 (guitarist, Molly Hatchet)

Alan Wilson – 9/3/1970 (guitar, vocals, Canned Heat)

Jo Jones – 9/3/1985 (jazz drummer)

Louis Myers – 9/4/1994 (blues guitarist, harmonica player)

Josh White – 9/5/1969 (blues, folk, and gospel musician)

Katie Webster – 9/5/1999 (American boogie pianist (The Swamp Boogie Queen)

Tom Fogerty – 9/6/1990 (guitar, Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Ernest Tubb – 9/6/1984 (American country musician)



Cream’s LP Fresh Cream enters the charts – August 31,1968
The Rolling Stones, “Street Fighting Man” releases – August 31st,1968
Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Live And Let Die” is certified gold – August 31,1974
The Rolling Stones release Goat’s Head Soup – August 31,1973
Metallica by Metallica hits #1 – August 31,1991
The Who’s “I’m a Boy” hits #2 on the charts – September 1,1966

U2 Releases First Album!

U2 release their first record, the U2-3 EP – September 1,1979
The Beatles’ “Help!” is certified gold: September 2nd,1965
Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman” hits #1, a track featuring guitarist Jimmy Page – September 3, 1966
The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” is certified gold – September 3, 1968
The album Fleetwood Mac hits #1 – September 4, 1976
“House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals hits #1 – September 5, 1964



“Hey Jude” by The Beatles debuts at #10 on the Billboard charts, a record breaker at the time. August 31st,1968


Traffic perform their last show at the Reading Festival. August 31,1974


A memorial service is held for blues giant Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Stevie Wonder sing a gut-wrenching version of “Amazing Grace”. August 31, 1990


The Grateful Dead perform “Shakedown Street” live for the first time ever at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. 8/31/1978


Boz Scaggs rejoins The Steve Miller Band. September 1, 1967


Tom Waits releases Swordfishtrombones, the first album the songwriter produced himself. The album represents a significant break from mainstream norms, both musically and lyrically. September 1, 1983.


The Rolling Stones record the classic Willie Dixon-penned blues tune “Little Red Rooster” at the Regent Sound Studios in London. September 2, 1964


A little-known band called The Doors record their very first demo at the World Pacific Jazz Studios in Los Angeles. In a few years they would break on through to the mainstream and become one of the biggest bands in the world. September 2, 1965


A then-unknown art-rock / prog rock band called Genesis runs an ad in Melody Maker magazine seeking a hot shot drummer. This will attract the likes of Phil Collins, who not only became the band’s drummer but took over lead vocal duties from Peter Gabriel when the latter exited the band. September 2, 1970


The Human Rights Now! tour begins! The first show is performed at Wembley Stadium in London. The impressive lineup includes megastars like Sting, Bruce Springsteen, and Peter Gabriel, along with other noted musicians like Tracey Chapman and Youssou n’Dour. September 2, 1998


Ozzy Osbourne Is Arrested

Lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne is arrested for threatening the life of his wife Sharon. Released on the condition that Ozzy enters a detox program. The happy couple reconciles, and the charges are dropped. September 2, 1989


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, Ohio. Performers at the ceremony included Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, James Brown and many more. September 2, 1995


Paul McCartney names his new band “The New Beatles” – just kidding, he names it “Wings”. September 3, 1971


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Fats Domino is rescued from New Orleans. September 3, 2005


Elvis makes his Grand Old Opry debut. Elvis Presley makes his first appearance at the Grand Old Opry. The audience hates the show and the manager of the Opry told Elvis that he should go back to truck driving. September 4, 1954


The Beatles begin their first formal recording session by rehearsing their songs “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me” – September 4, 1962


The Rolling Stones Records Get Off of My Cloud!


The Rolling Stones record “Get Off of My Cloud”. September 5, 1965


At Abbey Road studios in London, The Beatles begin recording “I Am the Walrus”. September 5, 1967


The Doors are guests on the show “Top of the Pops” and play their hit song “Hello I Love You”. September 5, 1968


Eric Clapton records the famous (and un-credited) guitar solo on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. September 6, 1968


Jimi Hendrix makes his last stage appearance at the Open-Air Love and Peace Festival in Germany. Before his tragic death. September 6, 1970


Elton John re-records “Candle in the Wind” with new lyrics as a tribute to the deceased Princess Diana of Wales. The track shatters records and became the best-selling single ever. September 6, 1997


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