Barns Courtney – British Blues-Rock

Barns Courtney – British Blues-Rock

One thing I can say about Barns Courtney is besides liking his music. I find that I enjoy his bizarre and twisted sense of humor even more! Putting aside his sense of humor, he’s actually a really great musician, singer, and performer. I first saw him perform live while he was touring with Elle King. Both performances were outstanding! At age 30, he’s come a long way in a short time. 

All Jokes aside, while his solo career is finally taking off, there were moments when he wasn’t sure what the future would hold. In his heart, he knew from any early age that music was his path in life.

So, like most musicians, he put all of his energy honing his craft and paving his musical path . His first taste as a frontman is with the indie types “Dive Bella Dive”, who were signed to Island Records, but shortly after, they are dropped before their debut album could even see a release. After that band’s demise, Courtney pursues a solo career, which is initially slow to get going.

After the Dive Bella Dive situation, he’s back in the real world by working a regular job and going through the motions. But lucky for him, his luck is about to change once again when he gets a call from Bradley Cooper’s camp asking if they could use his track “Fire” in an upcoming film, Burnt.  While things are getting better, Barns is still cautious about moving forward after the last fiasco. 

But as it turns out, things fell into place, he signs with Virgin Records and is touring within a week promoting his debut “The Attractions of Youth”

Pandemic Blues? – The Perfect Elixir

Just like the rest of the world, we’re all dealing with this current pandemic. As for Barns, and other musicians alike, they’re coming up with creative ways to entertain their fans. During his Pandemic moments, of being stuck in hell, he’s been working on an EP titled “Hard to Be Alone” which he’s promoting on his social media sites.

Here’s what he had to say during this process…5 years ago, I sold all my things and gave up my apartment for a life on the road. I made a family from strangers and a home in motels, and it’s honestly been the most terrifying and gratifying adventure I’ve ever experienced.

Then the entire world went into lockdown. These past few months are in such stark contrast to life in transit that even my writing process has changed. I’ve found myself back at my roots, confronted with all manner of lost lovers and loneliness. As if the moment the waters calmed, all my daemons swam up to the surface to take a look around. This EP has been a sort of catharsis for all that. In a roundabout way, this moment of stillness was just what I needed.

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